Daily Prompt : Fishing

In response to daily post’s prompt : Fishing

Fishing is an important source of income especially of villagers in Bangladesh. Below is a YouTube video of Hilsa fishing in Bangladesh.

It resembles Shad but is much tastier.




This documentary is about Hilsa fish, which resembles shad fish available in Canada. The only difference between the two is Hilsa fish is tastier than Shad fish.

Steps are taken in Bangladesh to  produce more of this particular fish. Although it has some resemblance with Shad fish, it is way tastier. I was lucky I tasted both kinds.

Hilsa fish is my favorite fish, because it is not available where I live, I sometimes ask our friend in Halifax, to send some Shad for us.

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Five sentence fiction: Rain

Lillie McFerrin Writes

The sky was overcast that morning, the three Harvey brothers decided to go fishing in a nearby lake , their mom told them to come home within the hour whether they caught fish or not.

Austin was more adventurous than his brothers Mark and Edward, he proposed to go further, he had heard from his friend there was a lake teeming with fish, he said, “Mom would be happy to see all the fish we’ll carry home.”

Mark and Edward were excited, so much fish in that lake, mom sure would be happy, all three were singing loudly, “Oh so much fish we’ll catch and eat them night and day, mama would be proud of us.”

They were barely a half a kilometre away when they heard a booming sound,not knowing what it was they moved on, another few feet onward, they saw the sky brightened up this time there was a flash of lightning followed by a roar of thunder, Austin kept going further, Edward and Mark were scared they froze and were unable to walk any further, within minutes it seemed nature was in fury, there were buckets of water falling from the sky, they were getting wet and couldn’t decide which way to go, Mark the brainy one ran towards home the brothers followed , they reached home all drenched, mom was not impressed to see them so wet, the boys learned their lesson they promised not to go fishing when the sky is overcast!