Writing: Intro toPoetry,Day Seven: Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Poetic Toolkit : Found Poetry

Found words from Allama Iqbal’s book of poems

the words are: you, has, sun, voice, his, creature, native,  moon, Brahmin, evening’s

A man pressed our doorbell one stormy day,

I asked him Sir, ‘What brings You here this way?’

His Voice was  sweet, but his face firm,

 Said, ‘I’m a Brahmin  need not be alarmed.

Native I am from your old country,

Has it occurred to you outside is stormy?

The sky is dark the moon isn’t visible,

On a day like this must you be cruel!’

His words embarrassed me so much,

I let him in then noticed him holding a crutch.

Next morning the Sun was shining at its best,

Our guest thanked us for Evening’s rest.

I thought of the words I borrowed from Iqbal,

He loved God’s Creature, one and all!

…….……………………………. 🙂







French macarons

Writing : Intro to Poetry, Day Seven : Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven : Flavor

Poetic Device : Found Poetry


Found words from Tagore’s Gitanjali( A book of poetry)

Found Words: endless, to, I, moment’s, and, off, decked, singing, meditations, journey.

My pursuit for happiness was endless,

Suddenly my journey seemed fruitless.

One moment’s concentration,

Stirred up a realization.

I must try singing,

And then I started writing.

This exposed me to meditations,

My listeners’ said, ‘Congratulations.’

They decked me with garlands,

People from far off islands.

Saying, “Dear poet how sweet is thy journey!”

………………………………………. )


Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Device : Found Poetry

Wimbledon Tennis June 2016- July 2016

Image from wikipedia

Wimbledon_trophies.jpg (1706×2560)

He has won three other grand slams,

need I say more?

This year’s championship is in his pocket,

He didn’t even score.

Why are the pundits so   sure ,

Because he won two in a row?


Let us talk about the others,

Who think they can win,

Like Andy, Stan, and Alexander,

Or did you discard Federer,

The grass court king?



Watch the male players in white

Who have come to fight.

To watch the  grand  trophy

You must wait young Sophie.


Let’s not give it away before it’s time,

We have to wait for the bells to chime.

Let’s wait and watch each day,

Who is determined to stay.

To run away with the trophy this onetime!



………………………………. 🙂


Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

I remember reading the quote

“Sharing food with another human being

is an intimate act  that should not be

indulged in lightly.___ M.F.K Fisher

Here is my dinner party fiasco, it happened two weeks ago.

The first thing went wrong was,

I couldn’t find the

cut of beef I wanted.

The butcher announced

there was a shortage,

how can it be it’s always

available? I said.

I decided to cook


it’s okay I told my daughter,

she insisted I make it spicier.

Not just the beef

but the chicken too,

don’t be afraid to add

a lot of, cayenne.

“Too much cayenne,

will make it too hot,”

I declared.

“Don’t worry Mom

they can handle it,”

She said.

I began my cooking

generously adding,

the red powder,

the vegetables met

the same fate.

I kid you not I poured

on, the cayenne, never did

I, think of the consequences.

The food was ready,

we waited

for,the guests, who came

smiling , with boxes of chocolates,

for us.

The table was set,

The food arranged,

it looked presentable

but  was it, eatable is a question,

I did not ask myself?

Soon it became clear

something, was wrong

instead of eating

they were,

drinking water.

I knew then my,

cooking failed.

The guests went


They smiled as they

were leaving

announced, the food was


they were too full and

couldn’t, eat any more!

…………………………………….. 🙂

Writing 201: Poetry,Day Eight–Flavor, Elegy, Enumeratio

Make today’s poem about one flavor( feel like addressing multiple flavors? Go for it!)

Today’s form:elegy

Today’s device:  enumeratio

Poetry was always my source of inspiration,

I read it in three languages,

English, Bengali and Urdu,

I wish there was more,

Still It was enough to quench my satisfaction!


Then I saw an ad of taking a course,

In poetry writing, I exclaimed with joy,

I knew I enjoyed reading and recitation,

But writing it was beyond my expectation!


I got my courage together,

And signed up for the course,

All the while wondering ,

Did I make the right choice?


Then came the day I saw an email,

It’s poetry day one I read out loud,

Screen, Haiku and Alliteration,

What will I do? I cried with sheer desperation!


Screen and Haiku wasn’t too bad,

But Alliteration made me sad,

Even then I made an attempt,

Alliteration did  not let me  connect!


Next  Gift, Acrostic and Simile, showed up

I knew the first and the last,

But had no  clue what’s Acrostic,

@benhuberman kindly explained,

The first letter of each verse explains it.


Skin, Prose poetry and Internal rhyme followed,

What will I do with these I thought,

Hey I loved reading and reciting poetry,

Never did I think poets dealt with so much misery!


Imperfect, Limerick, enjambment,

Raised their head and proclaimed,

For this use your brother as a guinea pig,

There is none better my mind declared!


Map, Ode and Metaphor,

Danced a wicked dance as I watched them,

In my dream the M and O fell off their head

What was left was Ap, De and Etaphor!


Day six introduced,

Faces, Poetry and Chiasmus,

My vocabulary for these,

Was totally reduced!


Day Seven, I presumed I was in heaven,

Until I saw Neighborhood, Ballad, and Assonance.

I woke up, to my surprise  and  found,

Them guys were looking at me and counting SEVEN!


Eight screamed: Flavor, Elegy and Enumeratio,

I said wait a minute young Horatio!

I know why you are on my tail,

I need to repeat all of the above you wail!


@huberman,@ pollock and the WordPress team,

Can you give me another chance ?

I promise I’ll correct my follies,

I promise I will never try to scream!

………………………………. 🙂



DP Daily Prompt: Spice of Success

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

If ” failure is the condiment that success gives its flavor”( Truman Capote) how spicy do you like your success stories?

I like my success stories to be spicy enough to satisfy my ego. I may or may not have written about this story before, I like reminding myself I am very lucky.

Sometime ago my husband got a job in a small hospital in Newfoundland, while he’d be away all day at work, I stayed at home with very little to do. I looked at it this way, how many times can one spend time cleaning and dusting, it was only two of us and the house needed cleaning once a week.

I was bored, I applied for a teaching job the principal said: “you are over qualified.”

Where I came from higher the qualification the greater are the possibilities of getting a job, one thing made me happy i.e the thought, we were only there for two years and after completing the second year we’d be back in Montreal where our good friends lived.

A year was barely over, when one day I received a call from the superintendent of the school board, he wanted to come to my house to see me. I was surprised to know he wanted to come to my house to see me.

He came with the principal of one of the schools, they asked me a few questions, told me they had vacancies for two teachers, one in grade four and the other one in grade seven. I was asked my preference, I favored grade four, I was told they’d let me know in a day or two.

Before I went upstairs I looked out and found both of them discussing something, I was about to go upstairs when the door bell rang. I answered the door and saw the superintendent, he informed me that they’re pleased to hire me to teach the fourth grade.

I was delighted, soon after my husband called, I gave him the good news and this was the beginning of my teaching career!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/04/dp-daily-promp…ice-of-success/

DP Daily Prompt:Picky Tongues

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

You have to choose one flavor that your sense of taste will no longer be able to distinguish.Sweet,sour,bitter,salty, Umami,spicy( not a taste per se,but we’re generous ): which one do you choose to lose?

I know I cannot have sugar only for taste because of the damaging effect on the human body, salt is the same, excessive salt raises blood pressure,I haven’t heard anything negative about bitter, but bitter flavor alone is not going to do it for me.

Umami flavor sounds good to me. It is good for health, it is a protein which is made up of amino acids which are essential for life. I will pick umami flavor.

Prosciutto ham, cheese, tomatoes, white wine, bread and olive oilCheese and cured meats have umami in spades. Photograph: Axiom Photographic/Design Pics/Corbis

Umami has been variously translated from Japanese asyummy, deliciousness .