Bengali Song olir o kautha Bengali Song, Post and translation by Ranu,

The flower laughs when the bumblebee speaks,
You don’t laugh when I speak.

Spring greets Earth and touches it,
But you never come close to me.

High above, the clouds float and embrace the sky,
You don’t embrace me even in my dreams.

The moonlight brightens the dark sky,
But your light never reaches my heart.

The bird lovingly calls its partner to the nest,
But your voice is silent.

Nodir Ghater Kaachhey Near the shore of the river by Tagore ,translation by Ranu

Near the shore of the river  the boat is tied up,

when I went for my bath  I saw

it was dancing on the waves.

Today I saw  it far away

in the middle of the river

pulled by the ebb-tide.

I know not where it will  end up,

what will  people be like,  and in what kind of attire!

sitting in the corner  of my room,   I have a  longing____

to float just like the boat brother,

to a new city.

Far in the ocean  on the river bank

English: Coconut trees along salty inland wate...

English: Coconut trees along salty inland water മലയാളം: ചെമ്മീന്‍ കെട്ടുകളുടെ വശങ്ങളിലെ തെങ്ങ് കൃഷി (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

where  the coconut trees  lined up on the edge.

The  dressed up peak of the mountain between the blue sky

no one can break the ice and jump over.

Where is that place  where  new fruits and flowers

strange animals move  in groups.

At the end of so many nights the boat floats away___

why does Dad go to work I wonder

and not to a new country yonder?