DP Daily Prompts: Re-springing Your Step

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Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated. What was it that had such a positive effect on you?

I had the repairmen in to fix my dishwasher, it’s a new Samsung, I was told it’s a very good company, I bought it , the dishwasher only worked twice, I got hold of the company from whom I bought it.

They sent a man,he turned it on and found out it’s not working, he called someone who gave him a number to order the part needed to fix it.

This morning the repairman came with his buddy to replace the part, but when he turned it on the dish washer still did not work and surprisingly the repairman  does not know what’s wrong.

The feeling of energy came and left in a matter of half an hour, I still have the appliance which couldn’t be fixed.

On the up side I had some difficulty with signing in on a website, this is where I do my online courses, so I got hold of my good friend and explained my problem, we went back and forth last evening by email, but found no solution.

We decided we’d tackle this in the morning with a fresh mind, my friend thought since emails were not working, he’ll call me, something we are overlooking   we might be able to detect. Guess what, that precisely was the problem break down of communication.

It took a bit of time, now I am delighted I was able to go to the website to introduce myself. I’d say I am feeling fresh, energized and rejuvenated that the problem was solved by my friend, it wasn’t looking positive in the beginning!

I guess out of two problems, one could be solved was great i.e,  50% of my problem was solved, and I am a very happy person!



DP Daily Prompt:All it’s cracked up to Be http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/15/daily-prompt-perfect/

I wasn’t very optimistic about myself from a young age. I suppose losing a father at age twelve does that to some. I was the striking example of that.

To me hope was a far fetched thing. I’d try for things and always thought the outcome would be negative. I tried all the same with the idea I have nothing to lose. I won’t get what I want. I didn’t have any uncle or someone important who’d try to get me what I want. I did have uncles who could do it , but they told me from the start I’m on my own. No one helped them, this was the kind of attitude they had. I always stayed quiet and tried to achieve what I wanted.

I did have success in education. I’d try to study in a certain place ,with that intent I applied,I made sure no one knew it. I was truly surprised when I was successful.

When I was fourteen I wanted to study in England. I knew it was expensive. There was no one in my family who could bear the expenses. I thought about it frequently.

I took each day as it came.I never had too many high hopes for me. I went every year of studies wishing to continue the next and the next.  To my pleasant surprise I successfully completed my masters degree.  I then applied for admission in B.Ed., I was accepted but I didn’t like the place. I went back to Dhaka . I was disappointed I’d have to study in a place I didn’t like.

I found an Ad. in the newspaper about some scholarship offered by Punjab University. I applied but wasn’t sure I’d get it. It was not until then did I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I received a letter of interview on a certain day.I know an interview doesn’t mean anything is granted, but to be selected for one was awesome.

The interviewers were pleasant, they asked me a few questions. A few days later I received a letter I was awarded the scholarship.

I completed the degree and took a job in a school. I disliked the environment. The principal continuously yelled at the teachers, right in front of the kids. I was new and thought that’s it I am going to quit. Ten days later I submitted my resignation letter, it was not accepted. I had to teach for two years and three months , the thought of studying in England was still fresh on my mind. I saw another Ad. in the newspaper about British Council , offering scholarships to study in England. I jumped at the idea and applied for it. Then I thought there will be thousands of applicants for this opportunity to go to England. I didn’t think I’d be selected for an interview. To my dismay I got a letter of the interview date. They  informed my school principal. He was not pleased he said,” You shouldn’t have applied.”

I told him, “it doesn’t mean I’d get the scholarship.”

I was surprised when he said,”yes you will.”

I got the scholarship and was happy my childhood dream was fulfilled!