Daily Prompt : Partner

In response to one-word prompt : Partner

My friend Kamila, lives in Malaysia,

She is the best looking woman in Asia.

She likes food that is spicy,

Her humor is sweet and icy,

Her dress and smile says, ‘I’m  from Malaysia!’

……………………………………. 🙂






Daily Prompt : Roots

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Roots


Jane and Matilda sat on the Roots of the tree,

Laughing and yelling about Rhonda with glee.

Said Jane to Matilda, ‘did you see how cross she was?’

Matilda replied, I  can’t believe she yelled at our boss!’

Meanwhile Rhonda was boycotted by her friend,

Who thought she was crazy and needed to mend.

While talking about Rhonda the girls noticed,

How curly like a snake the Roots Looked!

……………………………………………… 🙂


WordPress : Nostalgia


What Nostalgia means to me. This is the photo I took from our rose bush. My husband’s friend brought two rose plants for our garden. It’s beautiful, every year, it looks better. The roses are beautiful. The friend passed away some time ago.

The roses remind us of him, how happy he was to bring this gift to us.

……………………………. 🙂

Daily Prompts: FRIEND

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Write a new post in response to the one-word prompt.


FRIEND     Wikipedia image

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I remember reading a story about two friends walking along in the forest, suddenly they  saw  a black bear, both were terrified, one of them quickly climbed  the nearest  tree. The other one not knowing how to save himself decided to lie down on the  ground and  pretend he was  dead. He had heard that bears do not eat dead people. The bear came and sniffed him, thinking the man was dead the bear went away.

While this was happening the man on the tree,  was watching, when the bear left he quickly came down and asked, “What did the bear whisper in your ears?”

The friend realized the man he thought was his friend, in reality wasn’t because a friend wouldn’t leave a friend in the lurch. In reply to his friend’s question he said the bear told him, “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

…………………………………… 🙂


Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

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Walking down the street,you encounter a piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

While walking down the street, I saw a piece of paper, I became curious when I saw the message was written in Bengali, my mind told me to pick it up. I did. It was meant for anyone who cares to read the contents. I thought I’ve picked it up  therefore whatever is there, means I can take it.

I came home, first thing I did was to unfold the paper . The print was very tiny. I quickly got my magnifying glass and placed it on the paper. It enabled me to read the small print. There were some directions written on it, I was supposed to follow them.

I took the paper with me and started walking, I was told to turn right and walk about twenty yards, there will be another piece of paper on the  street mail box. I followed the direction and found the piece of paper.

This time I saw another set of directions, I began to suspect it to be some kind of hoax but my mind was telling me to keep on moving, there may be something worthwhile waiting for me.

I made up my mind, I’d only follow the street to my right and if I find another piece of paper,I’ll go home. As soon as I turned right, I saw a   lady in a  blue outfit, her back was turned towards me, it was not possible to see her face. Slowly very slowly I caught up to her.

“Hello”! I said.

She turned around and looked at me! I was stunned standing in front of me was my friend, ‘Aziz Fatima’ whom I hadn’t seen for years!

………………………………….. 🙂

Writing 101: Thing’s I’ve Learned

Today, let’s write a list. Write your own list on one of these topics:

1.Things I Like

2. Things I’ve Learned.

3. Things I Wish

I have chosen the topic:

Things I’ve Learned:

  1. Do not give Advice to a friend.
  2. Always agree with a friend, even if you know she is Wrong.
  3. Be patient with seasons, Winter is always followed by Spring, unless you live in St. John’s.
  4. Always keep your bottle filled with water, if you need to Discipline your kitty.
  5. Stay away from spicy food if you are allergic to “Cayenne.”
  6. If you want your Doctor’s secretary to ‘Smile’, give her gifts at Christmas time.
  7. Always ‘Smile’ when your guests arrive.
  8. Never say ‘No’ when your guests volunteer to do the dishes.
  9. When inviting friends to your birthday party at a restaurant, be ready to pay the ‘Bill.’
  10. Stay away from ,Religion,’ or ‘Politics,’ when you have company.
  11. The above is a list of things I’ve learned.
  12. I hope to get feedback from the participants, thank you for reading it. 🙂


Daily Prompt: Green-Eyed Monster

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Tell us the last time you were really truly jealous of someone.Did you act on it ?Did it hurt your relationship?

I grew up in a large family, we the siblings always enjoyed each other’s company. We never had any bad blood amongst us. Our parents treated us the same.There was no favoritism, my Dad gave a little more attention to our youngest brother, so did my mom. We didn’t think anything of it. To us he is the youngest so it’s normal to get attention from the parents.

When I was in college there was a classmate of mine, for some reason she was extremely jealous of me. I found out from my friends, she wanted to do better than me in every exam,but failed to do so. I did not have any bad relationship with her because of it. I avoided confrontation.

I had a good friend in the university. She was from a very wealthy family, it made no difference to me, we were friends, money never came between our relationship.

My mom taught us not to be jealous of each other or anyone else. We grew up quite normal. We were happy, we made fun of each other when we played board games. We had no ill-feelings.

I cannot remember being jealous at any time of my life. I know for a fact jealousy destroys ones personality. I do not think it is worth it.

………………………………… 🙂


365 Writing Prompts: Your life, the book

From a famous writer or celebrity ,to a WordPress. com blogger or someone close to you– who would you like to be your biographer?

I cannot think of any writer or a celebrity who’d be interested to write my biography. However one of my friends might attempt it to know more about me that they are not familiar with.

I am confident my friend would write a better biography of me than anyone else.

……………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me

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What’s the best piece of advice  you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

I met a cousin of our friend, she was married had two kids and was laid off from her job. Her husband was also laid off. I do not know how they were coping with this.

The cousin once called me and asked what can she do to get a job. When I asked about her qualification, she said she had a Mathematics degree. I told her she should get her teaching licence , that would help her get a job because there was a demand for Mathematics. Her friends discouraged her because they didn’t want her to be busy.They even told her she may not get admission.

She applied was able to complete her education degree and got a job. Now I hear she has moved to Dubai and is teaching there. I wrote to her but got no reply,this is  how valuable she is as a friend. I don’t mind at least I gave her advice and it worked for her.

Some humans are strange, for my part I did what I thought would help her, if she thinks somehow I will gain something from it, she does not know me.