365 Writing Prompts: Your life, the book

From a famous writer or celebrity ,to a WordPress. com blogger or someone close to you– who would you like to be your biographer?

I cannot think of any writer or a celebrity who’d be interested to write my biography. However one of my friends might attempt it to know more about me that they are not familiar with.

I am confident my friend would write a better biography of me than anyone else.

……………………………… 🙂

Daily Prompt: Take It From Me

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What’s the best piece of advice  you’ve given someone that you failed to take yourself?

I met a cousin of our friend, she was married had two kids and was laid off from her job. Her husband was also laid off. I do not know how they were coping with this.

The cousin once called me and asked what can she do to get a job. When I asked about her qualification, she said she had a Mathematics degree. I told her she should get her teaching licence , that would help her get a job because there was a demand for Mathematics. Her friends discouraged her because they didn’t want her to be busy.They even told her she may not get admission.

She applied was able to complete her education degree and got a job. Now I hear she has moved to Dubai and is teaching there. I wrote to her but got no reply,this is  how valuable she is as a friend. I don’t mind at least I gave her advice and it worked for her.

Some humans are strange, for my part I did what I thought would help her, if she thinks somehow I will gain something from it, she does not know me.



Daily Prompt: Circle of Five

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A writer once said ,” you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true which five people would you like to spend your time with?

The five people I’d like to spend my time with are 1. Valerie(my neighbor) 2. Evie ( my college friend) 3. Dilruba (my friend) 4. my daughter and  5. my brother.

All the people I have mentioned possess very unique qualities.

Valerie is an English Prof in the university, she is a delightful person. Recently she came back from Ireland after a three week trip. She brought a beautiful scarf for me.

Evie is my college friend, she has a very sweet personality, she calls me often to tell me about the places she visited. She tells me not to call her, she has a plan where it doesn’t cost her much to call. I told her it doesn’t cost me much either. She insists she’d call me. Isn’t she sweet?

Dilruba is my friend who lives in Montreal, she is very good to me when I visit her. She has three awesome kids, I love them all.

My daughter is an angel, she does a lot for me. She loves to give me gifts. I adore her.

And what can I say about my brother, he is the kindest person I know. He is a writer. He offers online courses. I love taking these courses, I must admit I have learned a lot. I thank him for all the information he provides us.

The above are the five fabulous people I love and adore. They are delightful and the most trustworthy people I know.They make our world a very happy place.



365 Writing Posts: Say your name

Write about your first name . Are you named after someone or something? Are there any stories or associations attached to it? If you had the choice, would you rename yourself?

My first name is Chaman, it means a garden in the Urdu language. The only story I know about my name is it was suggested by my father’s very dear friend.

No I’d never think of renaming myself.

A garden always suggests something beautiful.Whenever I think of a garden, I see the images of beautiful flowers. I know there are all kinds of gardens and they all depict something awesome.

………………………………… 🙂

Writing Prompts: Mad Libs

Turn to your co-workers,kids,Facebook friends, family—anyone who is accessible— and ask them to suggest an article, an adjective, and a noun. There’s your post title ! Now write.

The Inconceivable Woman

She was nineteen years old but the kind of determination she had ,would put adults to shame . She was the daughter of a carpenter but she had high hopes for herself .She once told her aunt she wanted to be the best  physician   in the country.

Her aunt jokingly said, ” It’s a long process you have to get an undergraduate degree, then do well in MCAT, only then you can apply to get in to medical school. It’s a long way, I think you should think of completing your degree and get admission in B.Ed. and go for the teaching position, it’s much quicker and less expensive.”

Nerissa was furious, she didn’t like the negative attitude of her aunt. From that day she spoke as little as possible and concentrated on her studies.

First year in college was a bit tough , she overcame her difficulties quickly. It seemed it was yesterday she talked about her ambition to be a  physician, now  she graduated with honors, time passes so fast.

But destiny has a way of turning around , Nerissa was rejected in her application to medical school, once, twice, three times .

Her belief in herself changed she began to think maybe what aunt Alice saw was right, it was a long road to get where she wanted to go. Already rejected three times, her dream of becoming a physician was shattered, she lost faith in herself. She spent a large amount of her time thinking what’s next. She could not get an answer.

Her mom was concerned, she could not grasp why this was happening to her only child. She was  at a loss how could she make her daughter happy was the only thing she thought of. Right at that moment she heard the phone ringing, she picked up the receiver, it was Monica, Nerissa’s childhood friend .

Monica wanted to come over to see Nerissa and her parents. Mrs. Raymond was delighted, it was so sudden and the right moment to cheer up her daughter.

Monica came for dinner, Mr.s Raymond cooked Nerissa’s favorite dishes. Nerissa’s parents and Monica enjoyed the dinner. For dessert Mrs.Raymond baked chocolate cheesecake. This was a favorite of the whole family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond decided to go  for a walk after dinner, while the two girls volunteered to clear the table and wash the dishes.

While washing the dishes Nerissa told her friend, she was rejected three times in her application to medical school, she lost her confidence, she had no idea whether she could get a job with her Biology degree.

“I have an idea”, said Monica, “meet me at the gym tomorrow!”

……………………………………To Be Continued 🙂

The Inconceivable Woman–Part-two

Early  next morning, Nerissa got dressed to meet her friend and made up her mind to sign up at the gym, if nothing she could at least try to get in shape. It was  her way to direct her energy towards something that would help her to be healthy. She had wasted too much time and effort to get into medical school, it hasn’t happened, chances were good it never will.

She signed the necessary papers and after a long time felt good about her decision. While handing her form to the secretary, she heard someone, it sounded familiar, she turned around, found her friend David smiling,”Hi Ness, what are you doing here, don’t tell me you’ve decided to join the gym.”

“What if I have, what’s that to you, can I remind you my name is “Nerissa” and not Ness?”

“It’s easier for me, you know those three letters, R I A , I dislike them .”

“But why what’s wrong with those letters?”

“You really want to know?”


“When I was in kindergarten, I got into a fight with Peter, he called me names so I punched him.”

The  teacher was furious, in a fit of anger she forgot my name and called me Red because of my hair. I cried and said, “My name is David not Red.”

The kids were delighted, they’ve found something to tease me, from that day on every single boy and girl called me Red.

“Okay why do you dislike I and A, is there a story behind them too?”

“Oh yes, I was a terrible speller, I barely passed the spelling tests, ‘I’ this one was strange, the teacher told us i should always be in capital letter when you mean yourself,e.g  I am, I think I wasn’t listening so when the teacher wanted me to write what she said, “I wrote, i em.” the teacher then wrote the two letters “I” and “A” on a piece of cardboard and pinned it on my back. I was so embarrassed I swore I’ll never use these letters again. Your name has those two distasteful letters I had to eliminate them.”

“It’s a weird story but interesting Red.”

“Not funny David said, let’s go for coffee.”

“I can’t, I’m waiting for Monica, I wonder why she’s not here yet!”

……………………………………….:) to be continued!







Daily Prompt: The Happy Wanderer

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What’s your travel style? Are you an itinerary and schedule driven,needing to have every step mapped out in advance or are you content to arrive without a plan and let happenstance be your guide?

I travel to the places I know and I do depend on an itinerary and schedule, I fly by air and I have to book early, have a schedule and an  itinerary to keep track of when I am supposed to  depart and arrive.

I either book a  hotel  room where I’d stay for the week or let my friend know when I’d be arriving so they can meet us at the airport.

…………………………….. 🙂


DP Daily Prompt: Singular Sensation

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If one experience or life change results from you writing your blog, what would you like it to be?

I’m hoping my college friend Aziz Fatima would see my blog and contact me. It will be so much fun. I asked my friend Evie if she knew about her whereabouts, she says she doesn’t.

If it happens there is so much to catch up. This is one experience I’m longing to have.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/04/01/dp-daily-promp…ar-sensation-

DP Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

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Tell us a joke! knock-knock joke, long story with a punchline great zinger— all jokes are welcome!

Title : The Clever Chef

George a wealthy man met his friend Pat in a coffee house, they were delighted to see each other. George felt he hadn’t seen his friend for ages, it would be great if he invited him for supper.

With this intention he went shopping he saw a fat crane, immediately he thought, “I must buy  this to entertain my friend, I know my chef is a fabulous cook, he will bake a tasty roast.”

Malcolm the chef was busy with cooking a lavish  dinner for his master’s friend, he was singing and talking to himself, “If the dinner guest likes my cooking maybe he will put in a good word for me to the hotshots of food network.”

Suddenly there was a knock, who can it be he thought, he dislikes intruders, but he must find out.

To his dismay it was his buddy from the “Green Grocers Supermarket.”

“What brings you here, Dave he yelled?”

“Do you know Art, I was walking along this way suddenly the tastiest aroma hit my nose, instantly I was hungry, I came to check it out, I’m ecstatic to know this  is where you work.”

“Okay, okay no need to sugar coat your words Dave, Why are you here?”

“You know that aroma I got while walking I want to know who is it for and what are you cooking?”

Art told him he was roasting a crane for dinner for his master and his friend.

“A crane Dave jumped, why I never tasted its meat, must be delicious, can I please have a leg ,I am soooo hungry?”

“No you can’t said Art immediately.”

You don’t have to raise your voice, I know you are a friend in name only,if you had wanted me to give you something I’d do it no questions asked, I may go to some burger joint and have a burger instead, nice to know you friend!”

Art was guilty he pleaded with his friend to stay, so he could taste the leg of the crane and tell him what he thought of his cooking.

Dave got what he wanted, he ate the leg one morsel at a time, if he could he’d eat the bone too, but it was hard and he reluctantly put it in the garbage. He then thanked Art and went on home.

Meanwhile the wealthy man and his friend came for dinner. Art carefully set the table brought the roast along with the vegetables and rolls he baked. While carving the roast George realized there was only one leg, he summoned the cook promptly, “where is the other leg he asked?”

At first Art was stupefied what could he say, he waited a few seconds, then he said at once, “But cranes have only one leg Sir!”

George jumped off his seat and demanded they should go out in the field to see the cranes there. When they reached the field the cranes were having a nap and were standing on one leg, unwilling to give up George screamed SHOO, SHOO, the birds put the other leg down and flew away.

George pulled Art’s ears and said, “how will you explain this!”

“But Mr. George you forgot to say SHOO to the bird you bought, this is why it only had one leg!”

George was impressed to see how clever his cook was and forgave him.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2015/03/18/dp-daily-prompt-ha-ha-ha

DP Daily Prompt: I want to know what Love Is

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We each have many types of love relationships— parents ,children, spouses, friends. And they are not always with people; you may love an animal or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

I think love is a very powerful feeling it’s a deep affection for an  animal, place,plant, or people. It’s the kind of feeling you have when you are busy doing something, suddenly you jump up because you realize you did not water your plant, or forgot to feed your cat or failed to call your friend.

In this age of technology there are so many ways of remembering your near and dear ones. If your feeling is not deep enough, you will not run to water that plant or feed your pet, or send an email or call your friend to know how he /she is.

My definition would be a deep rooted feeling for a friend, an animal , a place, a child, spouse or even a plant.


DP Daily Prompts: Set It To Rights

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Think of a time you let something slide, only for it to eat away at you later. Tell us how you’d fix it today.

Sometimes people have misunderstandings which is enough to ruin a friendship.I have experienced it a few times, before I could set it right, the damage was done.

It was impossible to convince the person this was not what I meant. If I could get my time back I would explain what I meant that very moment, to avoid losing a friend.