365 Writing Prompts: Decisions, decisions

How are you likely to to make an important decision— by reasoning through it, or going with your gut?

Some make decisions by reasoning through it, some go with their gut. I follow neither, which sounds strange, this is the way I am.

My husband however believed in reasoning. He had made up his mind to buy a car, he didn’t like the idea of going to a dealership and drive home in the car.

The first thing he did he bought ‘The consumer reports’, a magazine which helps buyers to select the right car. He read the magazine from cover to cover making sure not to make the wrong decision, even it had to be a certain color to be visible in foggy Newfoundland.

The selection was complete he selected a Ford Model, this one had the highest rating by consumer reports, he shouldn’t go wrong, the color was lemon.

The car was bought after six months of decision making, we were on our way to Newfoundland on a May morning.My husband was speeding along on the Quebec two lane highway, we had barely reached a few miles when I heard a loud thud,he hit a dead animal on the highway and the fuel indicator of the car turned to zero, alarmed my husband went to the nearest garage. The guy told him the fuel tank was twisted, therefore he has to get used to the fact when the needle turns to half it means, the tank is full if it points to zero it means it’s half full.

So the lemon car, Ford Model, six month’s of decision making made no difference, the car proved to be a wrong pick!




DP Daily Prompt: Waiting Room

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

I agree with the saying, I do not think if you want something really badly any time period is unreasonable, it can be thirteen years or more, the stars have to be aligned.

I will tell you why I wrote thirteen years. My husband was shopping for a car, he spent six months to decide which make or model he’d like to buy, he liked Ford better because this is what he read in the,’Consumer’s Reports’ a magazine that gave ideas of which model cars on the road is suitable.

Once my husband was satisfied with the model, it was necessary to know which color, he asked me which color do I prefer I told him my choice, he immediately brought out the disadvantages of my choice. He preferred the lemon color, and told me how the color would be visible when it is foggy or snowy, whereas my choice would make it difficult to see during the said days. I knew by his explanation he was leaning towards a lemon color car.

I told him to buy the color he likes, it was his money and I did not want to be difficult. Two months after buying the car, my husband took a new job. He was driving on  the highways of the province of Quebec, the day was foggy, we couldn’t see what was ahead of us. My husband was driving at 60 mph, suddenly he hit something on the highway, it was a dead animal, he noticed his fuel tank was showing empty, he went to a nearby garage in Nova Scotia to find out if there was a leak in the tank the attendant checked it and said , ‘No but your tank is damaged, it’s slightly bent but your tank is half full.’

It was a brand new car,my husband was not too pleased to find out what happened. This was the first incidence with “Mr. Lemon” then in winter, first thing in the morning the power steering froze, it was hard to move it,the only thing that would help was to start the car and wait ten minutes to unfreeze, he took the car to the dealers they could not fix it.

So we told ourselves we’d have to put up with it because the company had no solution. Two years later there was rust underneath the car even though my husband diligently put it through rust check.

Whenever my husband complained about the car, I was quick to point out, he could not expect anything better from a lemon.

He managed to hold on to the car for thirteen years, ignoring my comments about,”he was penny wise pound foolish.”

After thirteen years he was ready to change the car, when he decided on the model, he asked me again what color would I prefer, I  reminded him I didn’t want to waste my time telling him of my preference. He promised he’d buy the color I want.

It took thirteen years but I got what I wanted!