Daily Prompt: Sweeping Motions

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What’s messier right now– Your bedroom or your computer’s desk top( or your favorite device’s home screen). Tellus how and why it got to that state?

Right now my bedroom is messier I’d say. I get a fresh layer of dust each morning, on my computer, TV screen and my dresser.

It’s interesting how it got there. Last year the furnace man came to clean up, as we have made arrangements to do yearly clean up. After an hour’s work of so called clean up, he advised me to get someone to clean the accumulated dust as soon as possible.

I went on the hunt to get such a person.I found one in the directory. The guy told me it will be one hundred dollars, I was all smiles who wants to have dust as a pet. So I waved the green flag, “go ahead mister”, I said.

Exactly five minutes later he said the job was done. I was elated no more dust I thought. I gave him one hundred dollars ,he happily went on his way.

From that day I noticed layers of dust on my furniture. I had no idea whence it came from.

Well there was a surprise waiting for me at our local weather channel, this guy gives daily tips about certain things in a household, this day he said, “you must never try to get rid of  dust in the furnace, the dust is packed in, if you try to clean, the dust will loosen and  scatter all over in your house.”

So this is why I see dust layers on everything in my house, not just my bedroom.  😦

…………………………………… 😦

DP Daily Prompts:Enough is Enough


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When was the last time you were ready to throw in the proverbial towel? Did you end up letting go, or decided to fight on anyway?

I had a very bad experience with ‘Sears’ the department store, three months ago I ordered a set of furniture from a picture the Sales lady showed me, it seemed quite attractive.

Three weeks later it was delivered to us, I was extremely disturbed to see it, it did not look anything like the one in the picture, I went to the store, to let them know I wanted to return it, the sales lady was off that day, the gentleman told me I had to go back on the day the lady was working.

Monday morning I went ,got the attention of the lady and told her I want to return the furniture because it was not the same one I ordered. She started talking about other sets on the floor, and would I be interested. I said I wanted my money refunded first then I’ll decide. I wasn’t sure if I told her I won’t buy it from them,what her reaction may be, she might refuse to take it back and I’d be stuck with a hideous looking furniture.

After contacting my credit card company several times I managed to get my money back, after two months.

This taught me a much needed lesson, I should not order anything by looking at a picture and the customer service in Sears is terrible, once you buy something from them, they trap you, they try to convince you their stuff is the best.I had to keep my cool until my money was refunded. I know now I must never buy anything from them.

I bought my furniture from a different store, they are the best, they never question or convince you to buy something if you are not interested!

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DP Daily Prompt: Wronged Objects

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If your furniture , appliances, and other inanimate objects at home had feelings and emotions, to which item would you owe the biggest apology?

There is quite a number to choose from, in my opinion the refrigerator is the most used item in my house, we expect it to work 24/7 yet we do not take care of it as we should.

Two days ago my fridge shut itself off, I guess it wanted us to feel its importance, and thought we must know what will happen to us if it’s out of order.

I immediately got rid of a lot of food items to lighten its load, some vegetables inside were rotting, there were a whole bunch of herbs I didn’t know about, they were removed.

I did not want the milk to spoil, my daughter, took out the carton and boiled it to avoid the possibility of rotting.

I also called the repair man to check the appliance, the man came the following day, checked it, his verdict, “there’s nothing wrong with your refrigerator.”

It took eighty four dollars and sixty-nine cents to find out the fridge was fine.

I thought the fact that we removed a lot of things, such as sauces, empty bottles, rotting vegetables, the appliance turned itself on.

The lesson I learned is we cannot take anything for granted even if it’s an inanimate object,I owe my refrigerator the biggest apology!

DP Daily Prompt: Calling Uncle Bob

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Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose— and would you make the same choice today?

Yes I faced a difficult situation a few months ago. I was looking for some furniture, I went to a furniture store in the mall to look around. The lady at the store showed me a picture, it looked beautiful I ordered it and paid the whole amount the same day.

When it was delivered I noticed the furniture set   was  different from the one she showed me, I went back to the sales representative and asked her to make arrangements to take the set  out of my house, she took another few days to get it removed.

I went back to her and asked for the refund, she told me she had already refunded the money.Since she did not give me a receipt I wasn’t sure the money was really refunded.  I had used my credit card to pay, I called the credit card company  to find out  if the money was refunded , they checked a few times and they told me it was not repaid  yet.

Finally after two months the company reimbursed me, I was so annoyed I made up my mind never to buy anything from them.They are unreliable and their staff is incompetent.



DP Daily Prompts: Reverse Shot

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What’s your earliest memory involving another person? Recreate the scene— from other person’s perspective.

I am a  sales woman at a local  furniture store.It was early afternoon, I was moving around trying to help some customers,I spotted a  lady with her daughter.They were looking at some furniture, I immediately walked towards them and asked if they needed help.

They were pleased to see me, they needed to know about the sectionals in our show room. I showed them a picture of  one on sale.

One of them said, ‘I like this how long will I have to wait to get it?’

‘Ten days’ I  replied.

The mother ordered it and  went home.

I was happy I was able to sell the furniture.

About two weeks later the sectionals   arrived, I made arrangements to get  it delivered  to the customer’s house, a day later the mother came back and told me, she did not like the furniture, it was not the one she ordered. She showed me the picture I agreed it was different,

I told her: ‘maybe they shipped the wrong one.’

The lady was unhappy she wanted to return it, I tried to convince her to keep it, I even said : ‘We’d knock down the price some more.’

She was not interested , she asked for a refund. I waited a few more days hoping she’d change her mind, I also showed her a different sectional, it didn’t change anything, she was adamant and asked for a refund.

Nothing I said convinced the lady so I reluctantly refunded her money!

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DP Daily Prompt: Howl at the Moon

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“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.” Allen Ginsberg

Do you follow Ginsberg’s advice– in your writing and/or in your every day life?

If I follow my inner moonlight including don’t hide the madness  as suggested by Ginsberg, I cannot be sure how people who see me will think. Most of the time I try to hide that inner madness to avoid being called a lunatic. I saw some people who do not hesitate to show their madness and are branded by society to stay away from such a person.

Certain amount of inner madness if controlled can benefit some, others will turn their back and still others will give the evil look.

When we are in public lot of things happen we do not like, but we take a deep breath and move on. It happened yesterday to me I went to see the sales lady from whom I bought the furniture, it was not the right one so I returned it, they received the furniture five days ago but as of yesterday I wasn’t given the refund.

I went to the store and found out she was on her lunch break for an hour, I walked around to see how I could spend my time for that hour, while walking I saw her coming, she quickly hid her face with a piece of paper, I stopped and called her name, she behaved normally, she didn’t know I had seen her trying to hide her face. If I had used my inner madness in that mall I knew it wouldn’t gain any friends for me instead I spoke to her as if nothing out of the ordinary had taken place.

It was decision time for me,I made up my mind not to buy anything from her, this I thought was the best way to deal with my inner madness.



DP Daily Prompts: Ready,Set, Done

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Our free-write is back by popular demand: today, write about anything– but you must write for exactly ten minutes, no more,no less.

Last night I was unable to sleep. I bought a set of furniture without seeing, I only saw a picture of it.When it was delivered I thought something was not right.I took out the picture and saw the company sent me something different and to make matters worse it’s too large and ugly.

I went back to the store but the sales lady wasn’t there, I went the second, third and fourth day but I wasn’t getting the answer I expected to hear, i.e., we’ll take it back.

Today she finally said they’ll have it picked up on Saturday,which means I’d have to wait two more days, this is so frustrating.


DP Daily Prompts: To Do? Done!

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Quickly list five things you’d like to  to change in your life. Now write a post about a day in your life once all five have been crossed off your to-do list.

Here is a list of five things I’d like to change in my life:

1. unclutter my clothes closet.

2. Fix the basement.

3. change the living room furniture.

4. clean out the refrigerator.

5. Read the books I have in my shelf.

My clothes closet looks half decent. I put my clothes in order, the ones I won’t wear I  put aside for the clothes line people to come and pick up.

I have ordered new furniture to replace the old ones. I’ll call habitat for humanity to pick up the old furniture on Monday.

I am hoping the refrigerator can be cleaned in a day.

Reading the books will take a lot more time,I’ve already started one of them, hopefully I may finish reading them in a couple of months.

So about four months from now I’ll have a decent looking clothes closet, I’ll start getting rid of the unimportant things in the basement.

In a week’s time the furniture store will send the furniture we ordered.They are responsible to unpack and put them where we want.

I have to take out all the food out of the refrigerator clean it and put back only the ones that are in good shape.

Once four things on my list are crossed off my to-do list. I’d relax and start reading the books I haven’t read yet.

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DP Daily Prompt: Reviving Bricks

You just inherited a dilapidated,crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

I have inherited a dilapidated mansion in the countryside, what will I do with it? I must pay a visit to the countryside examine the grounds and the mansion itself. Since I’m not an architect, I will hire one to find out if the mansion can be saved or is it too damaged to renovate, depending on the reply from  the person I hire.

If I get a positive reply that the mansion can be saved but requires a lot of work. I will ask the architect to give me an estimate of the cost, I might get more than one opinion if they all say the same thing, I’d hire the one whose estimate is lower.

The work will start sooner than later, a dilapidated mansion needs to be looked after at the earliest possible time, to avoid further damage. If there is furniture inside decision has to be made whether we keep it or trash it. In any case if they’re worth keeping they have to be moved outdoors until the mansion gets a face lift.

Obviously equipment and men who are assigned for the job will draw out a plan, how to begin,which side needs to be addressed first.

Once everything is decided the work will start, it might take six months to a year, to complete the task at hand. After completion i.e. the walls are painted the doors and windows are taken care of. The furniture belonging to the mansion which are already fixed by a different set of people e.g carpenters and painters.

The mansion inside will be cleaned up and the furniture will be put in the respective rooms.

Next the walls will be decorated with pictures appropriate for a mansion, for this work I’ll have to hire the services of an interior decorator.

Last and not least, I’ll invite my friends to a grand party to celebrate the renovation of my “Grand Mansion”!



D.P Daily Prompt:Odd Couple Posted by Ranu


housekeeping (Photo credit: pucci.it)

Anything,any place that’s messy makes me anxious and  cranky. When my home is messy,watch out,I am so angry ,I don’t see straight . I have  as my husband put it,O.C.D( obsessive compulsive disorder).Whatever my family thinks I have,I cannot relax until I clean up and straighten up everything.This is how I defend myself,don’t you think everything looks fabulous when things are squeaky clean.I go about my business of making the beds,dusting the furniture,cleaning the bathroom,Vacuuming the rooms.When things are in order,I sit down and look around and am quite pleased with my efforts.

Before the company comes,I make sure everything is in top shape. I don’t want to be called untidy. One of the things that irritates me the most,is a sink full of dirty dishes in the kitchen. I cannot feel at ease until the dishes are washed,dried and put in their respective cupboards. Why should anyone say I have O.C.D,I only try to have a clean and orderly home.

When I wash the chicken after cutting the pieces,I wash them few times,I see vegetables in the super market on the shelves,I bring them home and after cutting them I wash them.I wash the fresh vegetables thoroughly,unless they are in a clean bag with the sign pre-washed.I don’t think I have any kind of disorder,I am careful. In school I tell the kids to wash their hands,before they eat.It’s a healthy habit ,don’t you think?