Writing: Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten : Future(theme: Sonnet)

I’m looking for a new tomorrow

When we’re happy and never sad

The scientists will remove our sorrow

By inventing a vaccine that’ll make us glad

That day will come I kid you not

Have patience don’t be restless

Our elders use these words a lot

Let faith give you happiness

Do your duty follow the rule

Wear your mask don’t complain

This is one way of looking cool

I assure you it’s how you’d gain

Show the virus you’re smarter

That you can get rid of it forever!

…………………………………………… 🙂

Writing: Intro to Poetry,Day Ten : Future

Poetry,Day Ten: Future

Poetic Form : Sonnet

To an infant

An unknown world awaits you, sweet baby,

Then the fast changing world makes you wonder,

Why is everything looking so shabby,

Who’s responsible for this awful blunder!


You will think hard to find a solution,

You decide to take matters in your hands,

For this you’ll set the wheels in motion.

Not caring toiling on the  burning sands!


You call for help, but there’s no one around,

Exhausted you sit and you feel lost

Suddenly you hear a loud sound,

‘ Stay strong I’ll join you at any cost!’


Then you see this awesome guy,

Who says, ‘I told you I’d come by.’

…….………………………………. 🙂






…….……………………………….. 🙂



Writing: #Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetic form: Sonnet

Tomorrow God willing I will not complain,

My toothache will leave and I will be sane.

Time is short there is so much to do,

My tooth hurts how will I chew?


I must not procrastinate,

But gather clothes to donate,

I must leave them on my front door,

I hope we won’t have snow anymore.


Once I get this chore done,

I will sit and have some fun.

I wish to watch some quality tennis,

My favorite player is Milos Raonic.


I hope he can serve his best,

And ends up  scaring all  the rest.



My blogger friends day ten is complete,

Won’t you  read my poem before you retreat? 🙂


Thanks to the members  of the WordPress team,

For giving us this  marvelous  opportunity to gleam! 🙂




Daily Prompt: Ebb and Flow

pod-2016-sm.png (308×60)

Our blogs morph over time , as interests shift and life happens.Write a post for your blog_  but three years in the future.

Three years from now, what will happen I cannot tell. If I get bored with the look of my website. I will change a few things here and there. I’ll include more photographs of nature, people, places and sports.

I will continue to write poems and short stories.

I will have a food post every week,these will be foods I love to eat and cook.

For now this is all I’m thinking about.

…………………. 🙂

DP Daily Prompts: One–Way Street

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Congrats! You are the owner of a new machine.The catch ? It comes in two models,each traveling one way onlky: the past or the future.Which do you choose ,and why?

One way streets are annoying to me.The day we arrived here we ended up in a one way-street,the cab driver had to go around to reach us to our destination, it was the first thing in the morning for us,for him I’m not sure, judging by his delightful mood it might have been his first obstacle he faced as well.

Wait a minute this is not what you want me to write. The prompt is asking me which new model machine will I choose, I am the owner of one.

I’d love to own the past model, I know what happened I want to see the rerun, Future may not be as attractive as the past.

Why do I want to own the past model? It was the time of my life when I had a lot of fun. I’d like to go back to my days when we were inventing new things,learning how to read,write and show my parents how well I was doing. My parents loved to see me enjoying my school , and friends I made.

My older brother wanted took me to a restaurant, he ordered juice for me, I didn’t like it,I took two sips and I told him I couldn’t drink it anymore. He took me to the restaurant again,this time he ordered milkshake for me I sipped it once then in minutes I drank all of it. My brother said: now I know what you like, next time I’ll order the same thing for you.

These are memories that I cherish and they were pleasant, this is why I’d like a machine that would take me to my past.

The future model would be uncertain and perhaps full of unpleasant things!

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/10/06/dp-daily-prompts/

Some quotes by Khalil Gibran

1. If you love somebody ,

let them go,

for if they return,

they were always yours,

And if they do not,

they were never yours.

2. A little knowledge that acts

is worth more

than much knowledge that is idle.

3. When we turn to one another

for counsel we reduce

the number of our enemies.

4. The smallest act of kindness

is worth more than

the greatest intention.

5. Our anxiety does not

come from thinking

about the future,

but from wanting to control it.

6. If you cannot work with love,

but only with distaste,

it is better that

you should leave

your work.

I found the above quotes very useful, I therefore decided to share them with my friends.

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/09/19/some-quotes-by-khalil-gibran/


DP Daily Prompts: Advantage of Foresight

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch—each time you use your power, it costs you one day( as in you’ll live one day less).How would you use this power, if at all?

The catch takes away the fun of predicting the future. The fun of predicting is taken away by saying, I’ll lose a day of my life every time I use the power.

For the sake of argument I’m writing what if I have only thirty days to live and because I have the power to predict the future, there’ll be friends and family interested to know, given the fact each prediction costs me a day’s life, I’d lose my life in a very short time.

I am sorry but I will not use my power it’s too risky.


Writing Prompt: Back To The Future

A new service is invented for me to send messages to people in the future. First I’d be so overwhelmed I wouldn’t know who deserves a message in the future from me.

After hours of pondering and nights of uneasy sleep, I’ve decided future messages can only be sent to those who are yet to step into this amazing world of ours.

Since I think I’ve gathered enough experience from the past and present, I have so to speak a lot more knowledge than the ones who will be coming.

The names of people hopefully will be the same, who is going to try to invent newer names. I like the existing names such as Henry,Jack,George, Neal and Philip. I’ll deal with one of these keeping in mind ,their minds are squeaky clean.

1.Henry is a name I’ll strike off the list because of Henry v111.

2. A person named Jack was not so good either.

3. George: there were too many dopes,so I cannot use it .

4. Neal: according to research I’ve done ; a person named Neal was a stupendous bad ass.

5. Philip: They say is a very stable and honest man.

I have chosen Philip out of five names I’ve researched,he is the one who is honest and stable man according to sources.

Since he is yet to be born and raised my message will be thus:

Dear Philip ,

This is a message for you. Please get rid of all the things that have caused pollution. Treat all your fellow humans equally. Give opportunities to do better to all humans. Wipe out hunger.Provide homes for everyone. I hope you will take this message as a serious one.

Good luck and God bless.

Take care,

From one who has experience of good,the bad,

and the ugly

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/03/01/365-days-march01-back to the future/