365 days Writing Prompt: RSVP

Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

On May 9th 2014 an awesome book was published, it took the author over two years to complete writing this book, his hard work paid off as this book earned him the fame, every writer dreams of.

He is a gifted writer, he is humble and has a very sweet disposition. I came to know him accidentally while spending time to do some research on the great Philosopher and poet Iqbal. From him I found out he was offering  an online course on Iqbal, my prayers were answered I immediately registered for the course,or he kindly registered me and even paid for the registration. I was impressed who would do this for a complete unknown, it showed how generous he was. 

Since then I registered for all the courses he offered. After a few courses I realized how awesome he was. His latest book gave me reason to celebrate his most recent accomplishment.

My plan is to organize the celebration, where he lives now. I intend to invite all those people who have encouraged him to write this book.

I’d get a catering service to serve the kinds of food he likes. He once mentioned he missed biriyani, he hasn’t eaten it since he left home. This particular dish is served with yoghurt salad and some Seekh kebabs, I’m almost sure he’d like it.

Dessert will be light, after a heavy dinner a light dessert will be served to all the invited guests.

After dinner, two guests who know the author will be invited to say a few words about him.

Before leaving the author would be requested to sign the copies of his book bought by some of his fans!

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Mubarak (Lucky)

There was a time when things were different. These were the times when I met this family of three: husband, wife and one son. The wife was a very generous woman. She was always ready to help anyone who needed it. Their son went to boarding  school.

Her brother-in-law died at an early age. There was no one left to look after his three kids. She and her husband took  them home. They were spoilt and like their father weren’t interested in getting education. The uncle and  aunt  devoted all of their time helping these kids. Soon it was apparent they were not interested to  study.

The two boys and the girl did nothing to better themselves. The aunt became ill. She was unable to do anything for them. Instead of helping her,they cursed her all the time.

A year later the aunt died. The uncle had to shoulder the responsibility of the kids. The boys loafed around and the girl had a new boyfriend every week. This went on for some time. Call whatever you will,the luck of the girl was soon going to change.

She met a new boy friend,they spent their time having fun. The father of the boy found out about his son’s girl friend.He wanted to meet the girl. The son was nervous,he was actually planning to break up with her. He was raised in a very wealthy and  religious family.  He was afraid to tell his Dad about his girl friend  he knew he wouldn’t approve.

On the insistence of the father. The son brought his girl friend to his home. His father met them in his living room and asked both several direct questions.

Father to the girl: Do you love my son?

Girl friend:  (extremely nervous) could not say, Yes or No.

He turned around and asked the same question to his son. The son was  shaking,he could not say anything either.

Next he asked both, “How long are you dating?”

Both answered ,’one week’, their voice was barely audible.

The father announced ,they’d have to get married within a week. Preparations were made to have a big wedding.

He told the girl to forget what had happened in the past. She will have to begin a new life. Her name Bulu, was changed  to Mubarak.

Within a week they were married.

She was a Bengali and her husband’s family were from Uttar Pradesh, India,they moved to Bangladesh after the partition of India.

Soon after  Mubarak gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She stayed home and only went out with her husband and in-laws. Months turned to years and the baby girl was five years old. Mubarak was a changed woman she devoted her time  helping her new family  . It was a transformation no one thought was possible. She surprised the doubters.

Mubarak helped her mother-in-law with household chores,she herself  learnt to cook  and took  care of her family. Besides helping her in-laws, she spent a lot of time with her little girl . One day the girl saw some guests in their living room. She was excited. She ran to her mother, she took her by her hand and told her there were some new people she should meet.

Mubarak noticed some male guests. She explained, “Darling your Dad and Grandpa will be with them soon.”

“I want you to go and talk to them,” she said.

Mubarak told her quietly, “I don’t go in front of male guests.”

Little five year old did not give up,Mubarak took her to the next room and explained why it was so. Little Faria was growing up to be a cute kid. With her mother’s help,she learned to read and write. Soon she was memorizing poems. One day she recited one of her poems,she asked, “Mom do you like  my poem?”

“I do, Mom said but It sounds like a parrot.”

” Parrots can’t learn poems,can they?

“Yes if you teach them.”

Mubarak’s job was to teach the poems with expression. Then she explained the difference. She told Faria about the parrot they had. It learned a sentence and would always repeat it, “It was khoka Babu’s here.” It didn’t matter who came in.

Faria burst out laughing, “You sound funny Mom!”


This is my entry for SPEAKEASY #147 Word Count:716

DP Daily Prompt: Cheering Section Post by Ranu

My mentor is a very generous person. He is an excellent writer. He won several medals.He is humble, kind and extremely helpful.

I am not any one’s mentor.I do not possess the qualities of such a person.

I was spending my time watching movies online,or tennis.I watched TV but not that much. I read novels in a language from my childhood,I was beginning to lose my fluency,I did not know any one in town,to practice it. I bought novels to help me  remember it.

I got hold of my daughter’s computer,learned some basic things. I would type in the name of the person,I wanted to know about.Things were going fine.I wasn’t pleased I felt I could do more,but what,I had no idea. Luckily I found this person on the internet,he was giving online courses on,Allama Iqbal, the opportunity of registering in the course presented itself when I inquired about it.

I am a regular course participant . My mentor has helped me to get my confidence.In the beginning I didn’t think I could do it. I had no background,slowly I began to feel comfortable,because of my mentor,who is also the facilitator of the course.I feel much better,I am using my time learning something,instead of watching movies or silly shows which is a sheer waste of time.

Fasting Post by Ranu

Ramadan Mubarak Said

Ramadan Mubarak Said (Photo credit: jotunbani)

For a month once a year we have the month of fasting. This is the best medicine prescribed for Muslims all over the world. It gives us a chance to understand discipline. Waking up in the middle of the night to eat something,wait for an hour to do our morning prayer,makes us look at ourselves and think of all those unfortunate ones,who are dealing with it regularly that is deprived of food.

This is the time when we are required to be generous,be kind,refrain from lying ,cheating and read the Quran and follow the instructions given in it. I am not saying to do all these things only in the month of Ramadhan.We are supposed to do it throughout the year.

Maybe we do not think of these things daily. This month reminds us of our duties towards our fellow human beings. We all need discipline and this is a very unique way of learning it.

To all the people fasting ,”Ramadhan Mubarak”, may you have a very good month and also “Eid Mubarak” to everyone.

DP Daily Prompt: Share The Love Post by Ranu

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), a notab...

Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal (1877-1938), a notable Muslim philosopher, poet and scholar from India (then British India) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My online journey began in November 2011. I did not start blogging then,I registered for a course to study about the great poet and Philospher, Sir Allama Mohammad Iqbal. This course is offered by Iqbal Academy.The course facilitator is ,Khurram Ali Shafique. Because I showed a lot of interest about the great poet and Philosopher,I was asked if I was interested to register for the course offered by the academy. I was thrilled and immediately indicated I would be glad to study about Iqbal.Mr Shafique registered me at once, thus began my online journey. A few months later,Robert a course participant started a blog, I read it and wanted to know from Mr. Shafique,if I could start one of my own. He encouraged me and thought it would be a good idea.

I was not familiar how to get started.My daughter,Selina is a computer programmer. She did some research and found WordPress to be the best of the ones she read about. I did not know much about blogging,I roamed around and read the posts of different bloggers.The ones I picked were the ones written by other participants who were registered for the same course.Every now and then I would yell out,’Selina , can you help me?’

I must say I am somewhat comfortable writing the posts. I am grateful to Mr. Shafique, despite his busy schedule, he takes time to read my blogs and leaves a comment. Mr. Akhtar Wasim Dar is another person who has from time to time given me advice about my posts and is always very generous when he writes his comments. He gave me the idea of translating, Rabindranath Tagore’s poems. He takes his time, reads them and leaves amazing comments. Robert is another course participant who helps me immensely. He never fails to read all my posts and types his wonderful comments. I could not just name one person,all these wonderful people are behind my blogging. I am glad I got this opportunity to do something I dearly love. I get the privilege of reading some very amazing posts.