Daily Prompt : Genie

In response to prompt : Genie

Arabian night Folklore!

Perhaps it started as a folklore, in my mind we have a little of the Genie in us. I came to this conclusion after reading the prompt. We too can at times create   some magic simply by concentrating on our thoughts.

Of course our creator enables us to do so, when He thinks our cause is genuine. I’d like to share a few anecdotes which may prove my point.

After graduating from the university, I thought of studying further and the best thing for me was an education degree. I shared this idea with my classmate, she suggested to go to another city in Bangladesh where this course  is given.

Next thing we were on our way to Mymensingh. We met the vice Principal, she told us we were two months late, therefore we cannot register for the education degree course.

The Principal thought we had guts therefore she agreed to let us register. Somehow the building itself felt scary and I couldn’t imagine spending a year in that building.

I came back to Dhaka,  I was lost, I had no idea, what I should do. In the meantime I wished I could go somewhere else to complete the degree.

I then went to the common room of our residence,  I picked up a news paper, to my utter disbelief I saw an ad. for scholarships. I applied  and  got  the scholarship..

Did my internal spirit make it happen,  I often wonder?

There were a few others,   But I’d stop here!

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365 Writing Prompts: Shape up or ship out

Write a letter to the personality trait you like least, convincing it to shape up or ship out. Be as threatening, theatrical or thoroughly charming as is necessary to get the job done.

Dear Lazy-bones,

We all have a tendency to be lazy at times, some of us realize soon enough this is a  trait which stands in the way of our success. So we shove our laziness and get down to business.

The reason I’m writing this to you is I get the feeling you are quite comfortable doing nothing to help yourself. Let me break it to you, do not expect to get help if you do not help yourself. Keep in mind this world of ours will only support people who are hardworking and are interested to do something with their life.

My advice to you is, you have wasted enough time lazing around, now it’s time for you to shape up or ship out, your needs can only be taken care of by you, if you sit in front of the TV hoping some genie will appear and produce everything you want. Let me tell you this only happens in fairy tales.You are living in a real world where if you sit around hoping for someone to take pity on you and look after you. It will never happen. Smarten up and learn to be useful in the society you live in.

This is my last letter to you. I am sick of reminding you to do something with your life. If you don’t , no one will come running to help you. Be prepared to watch everyone turn their back on you. It’s up to you to help yourself.

Your well wisher

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DP Daily Prompt: Generous Genies

pad2014-s.png (308×60)

Remember those lovely genies who grant wishes? Well, you’re one and you’ve just been emancipated from your restrictive lamp. You can give your three wishes to whomever you want. Who do you give your three wishes to, and why?

This is exactly what I was looking to become a generous genie now emancipated from my restrictive lamp, now I can give my three wishes to whomever I want. I have to think hard and long who best deserves my three wishes.

I have an idea, one day I saw a picture of a little girl in a mud house, she was beautiful and innocent, if I can give her the three wishes, I’d be very happy.

I know from watching her on TV no one else is as deserving as her. She is poor, doesn’t get the kind of nourishment her body needs, yet she has a sweet smile on her face.

I imagine her waking up every morning  wondering is there someone in this world  who can provide some food for me,perhaps her call is not answered and she goes to sleep hungry. I feel her pain,I know what hunger is, this month is fasting for us,we fast eighteen hours a day and cannot wait for sunset so we can eat something.

This little girl doesn’t have the luxury of thinking she’ll be able to eat whatever she wants after sunset.For her the sun never sets and there is no genie to magically give her food.

Every time I see her picture I think of all the food that is wasted around the world and the poor soul craves for the food that is thrown away by all these people who have so much.

I will definitely give my three wishes to this sweet girl who does not complain but only smiles!






DP Daily Prompt: Nothin’ But A Good Time

Imagine that tomorrow, all your duties and obligations evaporate for the day. You get the day all to yourself, to do anything you pad2014-s.png (308×60)please. What type of fun activities would make your day?

I thought of something which is probably not related to this prompt but it was funny. A contractor once told a navy commodore, “Sir all you have to do is say yes and your mansion would be built.”

The commodore smiled and said, “Is it some kind of magic you are telling me about, I only have to say yes and the mansion would appear.”  This is how the contractors bribe the officers in our part of the world.

It has no relevance to the prompt, or maybe it does such as all my duties and obligations evaporate for a day, I get the day all to myself to do anything I please. What kind of fun activities would make my day.

The first couple of hours I’d be in a state of unbelief, pinching myself until all of me is blue, is it really true I get to do whatever I want, something which I enjoy? Next couple of hours I’d thank whoever it is allotted me this day to have fun.

When I’m done thanking and use my time of unbelief. I realized I’ve already spent four valuable hours of the day by my useless thought and action.

It is time for lunch, I have to cook to satisfy my hunger pains.The good genie gave me all day to have fun but forgot to employ a helping hand to do some of my chores. Yes I get it I have to imagine all that is taken care of.

My stomach refuses to believe that I can be happy without food. I don’t think that’s going to work. So I spend an hour cooking,eating and doing the dishes.

Because I decided to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all at the same time to save some hours for fun, stupid me I can’t move now. What am I to do?  I called the good genie to magically remove all the food out of my stomach. The genie was in a bad mood because while I had the day off, the genie had to work harder for all those people who had the day off as well.

I ended up having no fun at all. My time was spent trying to make the genie happy.

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Writing Prompt: Writing Room

I do not have a writing room. I use my bedroom to write and read.

When the good Genie approved my desire to have a room,which I can use only for reading and writing I was very happy. My room is all set for me to use. Oh I’m sorry you want to know what it looks like.

Here is the description of my amazing room. It is shaped like a square. There is a large window on each wall. I get plenty of light from the windows. The walls are painted beige. It doesn’t have curtains. It has blinds.

My writing desk occupies one wall. It’s an attractive mahogany desk. there are drawers on two sides,to put my writing books and pens. I have a calendar on the right side.

The next wall has a bookshelf. I have arranged the books in alphabetical order. I have filled the shelf with my books. I might run out of space if I buy more books. I have a clock on this wall. It saves me time,rather than look at my wrist watch, every few seconds. The wall clock has a chimer,it chimes every half hour. It gives me enough time to get ready for the next task.

The third wall has a comfortable recliner. I use it to relax and check my mail if there is any. Also when I am tired of writing, I pick up my favorite book to read.

My fourth wall is not used up yet. I might put something or leave it empty.

The above is a description of my Genie room.

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