Daily Prompt : Inheritance

In response to prompt : Inheritance

Some people inherit their parents looks,

Others get the habit of reading books.

There are kids who get mom’s  gift of cooking,

Worst of all are those who end up getting nothing!

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Writing 201, poetry,day two

Today write something about a gift.

Today’s form: acrostic

Gone are the days when a gift was special,

I never looked for anything real.

For real things are not within our reach,

Take this she said, ‘It’s a song you can teach.’

Song and teach  ? Not me I’m awful!


The moment she said it, my ears went up to listen,

As if it was a mystery my mind got the impression.

Get me a chair she commanded loudly,

Oh I’m sorry I obliged silently.

‘Rock my baby,’ she said like a friend,

Elated I was to hear her command!


She took me to a  room,

It had flowers in full bloom.

My attention strangely was on a funny box,

It was tied with a ribbon which looked like a  fox.

Lying to you I swear  is never my wish,

Extremely disgusted  I thought it was a fish!



I know it’s  not what you will think sounds like poetry.

But I registered for this course to solve the mystery!”



365 Writing Prompts:(YAWN)

What bores you?

There are a lot of things people do I feel are merely childish,it does not bore me, it irritates me. I’ve heard the word, “Bore”, many times when I was teaching, my kids in school complained they had nothing to do, they were bored, although there was work assigned to them  not completed. I thought they didn’t know what the word meant. Surprisingly they knew the meaning, they were bored because the work was not exciting.

If I went along with them and said, yes Math is not exciting, because they cannot solve the problems, how can I help? it was becoming quite challenging to teach when I had to give them work that could be called interesting. I tried ways to catch their attention, it didn’t work.

What makes me “YAWN”? An uninteresting movie where the performers (a) lack the gift of acting, b), they think they are doing well, why else did they get the job,c) they are not even good looking.

A useless novel, and then there are parents who boast about their children whenever I meet them. These are some of the  things  I can think of.



Writing Prompt:Trading Spaces

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?

I didn’t think of it before,but when I saw the prompt, “Trading Spaces”. I thought well let me find out what I could possibly learn from it. I know there is not much to know. I had a lot of brothers, I saw what they thought of themselves, and on many occasions I disagreed about their choices.

Let’s take brother number 1: All of us were his dear siblings until he tied the knot,boy it was some knot, overnight we became creatures from hell, we did nothing but the better half wanted him to treat us like we were useless.

Brother number 2: His feelings for us didn’t change, he was kind and compassionate, helped my Mom by helping her financially.

Brother number 3:  He wanted to be an actor without any gift. You know what happened to that aspiration.

Number 4: was normal and did things that were right.

My fifth brother was too busy studying, he did his own thing, he was younger so he didn’t worry about responsibilities towards the family.

Number 6 was not much different from the fifth.

My seventh one was a gift to us directly from heaven, he studied,he was co-operative, he tried to please everyone. He didn’t mind going to the library every day to borrow reading materials for me. Once I had a severe headache, I was lying down, he sat beside me and asked,”Ranu ,what’s wrong ?”

I told him I had a headache , he pressed my head till I fell asleep, others of course passed by didn’t care enough to ask why was I lying down.

Eighth was the proverbial ‘black sheep’, he didn’t study, played all day,was demanding,why wouldn’t he be my mom was always letting him do whatever he pleased.

I have seen eight specimens at close range, do I still need to trade spaces to find out by being one for a day? I think my answer is, “No thank you”!

https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/365-days-march29-trading spaces/


” Upohaar” A gift: poem by Tagore Translated and posted by Ranu

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for li...

Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for literature. It is the first Nobel prize won by Asia. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’d like to bring a gift of love,

I am anxious to know what can it be.

What my heart desires

my mind is unable to find.

They ganged up against me

and took what I had,

What remains it’s best

not to mention .

Gold silver and precious gems

were buried in the ground,

The dealers found them

and took them home.

There’s a lot of

money in the mint,

I’ll be in trouble if I take them.

Clothing is in the chest,

Strict security prevails.

This world that we are living in

is a terrible place,

there are people who will

deceive you and leave never

to show up again.

Which is why little memorabilia

are left as gifts.

Some remain,others break,

it’s a useless expense.

If I could leave at your disposal

all my love and affection

and it was visible,

who would give so

many things to you?

I think and wonder

what wealth can I leave for

you secretly__

you and I will be happy.

It will be done,

by giving you something

and  buy your affection

continually,is not what I like.

You are young,

you have a lot waiting for you,

drink up all the love

and affection we give.

If you forget,or

time doesn’t permit,

it doesn’t matter.

These things are for us

we have all the time

to remember.

The river pushes all the

obstacles and moves onward,

into far away lands.

It leaves its starting point

moves further away to distant


The motionless peak

forever keeps the river

in its memory.

Likewise whether you are

near or far,

My blessings will follow you

till eternity!

DP Daily Prompt: Bittersweet Memories Post by Ranu

It was a few years ago,I received some of my brothers things. His lawyer sent them to me as gifts.My brother died of cancer. Before his death ,he made out a will.   His instruction was to send me his books and his computer. When I opened the box,the computer and his books were neatly packed. In the corner of the large box,there was a small box. I had no idea what was in it. I opened it and to my surprise found two gold medals. These were the medals he received when he stood first in the final high school exam.

He knew I was very happy when he got those medals. To this day I don’t know why he decided to give them to me. These medals brought back sweet memories of my brother. He was a very hardworking student.His teachers were very fond of him. He was always courteous and helpful.

I sat in front of the box with the medals in my hand.I was remembering the day when he brought them home. My mother and all of us were so proud of him. I still have them . I look at them and remember him and wish he was still with us!