Daily Prompt : Commit

In response to one-word prompt : Commit

When I entered the teaching profession I made a commitment to do my job to the best of my ability. I  tried my best and I  am happy each student I taught got my full attention.

At age nine the child  did not comprehend what I was trying to tell him. Some ended up quitting school. In my profession, not only the teacher, but the parents and the child also need to work hard. The teacher is unable to help if the rest of the people related to  the child do not give enough attention for the benefit of the child.




Tagore Song Dakbo Na–I will not call Singer Sagar Sen translated and posted by Ranu

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary ...

English: Map of the Yamuna River, a tributary of the Ganges in northern India (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ganges River Delta

Ganges River Delta (Photo credit: Euclid vanderKroew)

I will not call ,

I will not call ,

I will not call this way,

from outside.

If possible I will

use my inner self to call.

I will not call this way.

My heart aches to give,

I know not where the

receiver is.

Who will make this giving

and receiving possible?

I will not ,not

call this way from outside.

will there be harmony

between our pain?

Will the Ganges and the

dark waters of Jumna unite?

Can we understand

each other’s pain?

The musical instrument

sounded on its own.

He came on his own,

when leaving he promised

to be back.

I will not,not call this

way from outside!