DP Daily Prompt: SOS

I was at the beach, I was lounging on my towel, suddenly I saw something shiny at the edge of the water. I got up and ran straight to find out what it was. While I was going towards it, I was dreaming,what if it is a diamond necklace.I’d pick it up and put it around my neck. I’d pretend it’s mine. On second thoughts I realized ,no one goes to the beach wearing a diamond necklace.

My day dreaming was working in full swing. I know if it really is what I think. I’d have a ball, I’d sell it for as much as I can get. I’d buy everything I want. Suddenly my inner self woke me up, “Now she said,forget the girl with the milk pail story,and find out what that shiny thing is.”

Oh I’m sorry, I’m not dreaming any more. I’m awake,as I was going towards it, I didn’t let all those foolish thoughts crowd my mind.  As I was inching closer, I could see it seemed like something made of glass. I walked faster when I reached the spot,I saw it was a bottle with a message in it.  I was excited. I’ve only heard people talk about finding a glass bottle with a message inside it. Now I’m actually seeing one. I’d tell my friends about this miraculous bottle I’ve found. “Hey missy my inner self shakes me, will you stop daydreaming again, pick up the bottle,unscrew it and read the message.”    Thank you I said .

I picked up the bottle, unscrewed the top and found the piece of paper. I was aghast when I read, “please if you find this note can you call my parents at : 123-455-6787,please tell them I’m kidnapped,my kidnappers are keeping me in a dark dingy room. I haven’t eaten for days,please tell them to rescue me from: Gobbledy Gook island, 33 meesly avenue,at the corner of super fry restaurant. Please tell them to hurry.I’d always be grateful to you if you do this for me. My name is ,”Blue Bonnet”.

I called the parents,they thanked me for helping me. I deserve a reward they said. I was happy I did one good deed that day.