Writing 101:Play with word count, Day 12

Writing assignment : true 100-word story.

Her name was Darlene,she was a nine-year old girl in my grade four class. One  Friday afternoon, she came to me excited, “look Miss,I’ve taken out two cookbooks from the library.”

“What will you do with them?” I asked.

“I will cook breakfast for my  family!” She smiled.

On Monday, two boys in my class, came running to give me the news.

“Miss,” both said, in one breath, “Darlene is dead!”

I looked at them in awe, “No it’s not true.” I exclaimed!

“Yes Miss,” both yelled, “her next door neighbor killed her for money!”

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Writing 101, Day four : serially lost (2)

Six months after my marriage I joined my husband in Montreal. A year later we moved to Gander, Newfoundland.

I was able to get a job in the local school to teach  grade four. This was my first year teaching in a school in North America. I tried to get acquainted with the nine year old boys and girls, I did not have any problems.

The kids were friendly and were not critical of my dress, I was wearing a sari. Later I found out they loved my dress. I wore a different sari every day, one little boy asked: “Miss how many of these do you have?”

I smiled and said nothing. Things were going fine, the kids were co-operative I was having a great time teaching them.

It was on a Friday, one of my kids borrowed two books from the library, she came up to me and said, “Miss see what I have!”

“Why they are cookbooks, what will you do with these, I asked .”

“Tomorrow is Saturday, I will cook breakfast for my family.”

“Really I said you can cook?”

“Yes Miss I cook all the time, she replied .”

I was impressed, smiled and told her she was a  thoughtful girl, I was happy to have her in my class.

On Monday morning I heard two boys racing with each other to give me news of what happened in the week-end.They were breathless, one of them mentioned, “Miss,’D’ is dead!”

I could not believe it, I told them not to repeat it again, “but it’s true, it was on the radio all day, didn’t you hear it?”

Of course I hadn’t turned on the radio, Week-ends I was always busy cooking and baking for the following week.I went to the staff room and asked the other grade four teachers,they all said it was true.

Apparently D’s brother asked her to collect the newspaper money, he was unable to as he planned to watch a movie.

‘D’ was always ready to help out, that evening she collected the money and was on her way home through the woods,  with her dog.

She was stopped by one of her neighbor’s son, he knew she had money, he asked her to give it to him, she refused, he picked up a piece of driftwood and hit her on the head. ‘D’ lay dead for hours, her family was worried, their dog kept barking and running in and out of the house. One of the family members followed him, the dog led him to the forest to the exact spot where D’s body was.

She was laid to rest two days later, I kept thinking about the conversation I had with her.

Please dear bloggers, do you think it’s too long (my day 4,  serial 2)?