Daily Prompts: Voice Work

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Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone _ from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson_ to narrate your posts , who would it be?

It’d be a great idea if my grandmother is able to read my blog and record it into an audiobook. I wasn’t fortunate to see her, she died before I was born.

Samuel Jackson is a busy person, I’d want my daughter to do the recording. She has a good voice and loves to record other people’s work. Why not me? After all I helped her compete in the Kiwanis Music Festival to  recite the poem ,Da Great Stronga Man, by Daley. She got first place and was selected to participate in the    “Stars of the Show.”

It would be fun to listen to her voice when the said book is completed! 🙂

……………………………….. 🙂


Five sentence fiction: Flames

Lillie McFerrin Writes

It was a beautiful morning, Mrs Hardy was baking muffins for Sandy’s classroom party, they were chocolate chip muffins, they’d be done in another five minutes, Mrs. Hardy told herself, suddenly she recalled her mother’s muffins they were so delicious, she and Mom would eat the fresh muffins when they came out of the oven.

The thought of her mother and the muffins made Mrs. Hardy eager to send some for her mother who lived close by.

As soon as Sandy smelled the muffins she came running to taste one, her mother told her about grandma and how tasty her baked muffins were when she was little, immediately Sandy said , “Can I take some for her, Mom?”

Mrs. Hardy was very pleased her daughter mentioned before she did, she said, “It will be so nice and your grandma would love it.”

Sandy packed a small basket of muffins for her grandma, as she was walking along, she smelled smoke and noticed a fire truck speeding along the road, further up the street there were  flames rising up from a house, she wasn’t quite sure who owned the house, she walked a few more steps when someone stopped her,  Sandy looked close, “it’s my grandma’s house, she said I have to save her” her last words were barely audible as she fell and fainted!

…………………………. 😦





Fiction: The Story

Lillie McFerrin Writes

Felicia came home from school one afternoon, her mother asked the usual question, “How was school today?”

She shrugged her shoulders and said nothing, in the evening her friend Mabel came for a visit, she went to Felicia’s room ,her mother noticed they were whispering to each other, she stood behind the door to listen, she overheard them talking about a story, a story, is this why Felicia seemed worried, she kept quiet and went to fix supper.

Supper time Felicia’s mood was better, her mom didn’t ask any further question, she waited for her daughter to tell her why she looked unhappy that afternoon.

After supper the family went to their favorite place where they could discuss about their day, Mr. Stewart talked about his work, Mrs. Stewart discussed about her shopping in the super market, Felicia raised her hand and complained about the story they have to write, her mom and dad said at once, write about our trip to grandma’s place.

Felicia was pleased she’d have reams to write about, starting from the day they arrived, the food grandma cooked, the pets grandma had, grandma’s friends and a whole bunch of other things, she went to her study room and started writing, when she was done,she was so proud of herself, she could imagine her teacher saying, “Why Felicia this is a wonderful story, look at the pages there are so many, I’m proud of you?”





NaBloPoMo A most extraordinary day Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

My extraordinary day began this morning. I walked 2.2 km, paid my bill , came home and had the pleasure of reading 22 “Speak Easy Entries”, for this week.

There were all kinds of amazing stories. Some were about Grandpa and Grandma, others were different but they were excellent. To me they are all winners. To be able to write so beautifully,takes a lot of dedication. It is an amazing way of expressing oneself and improving.

We all had to vote for three entries we liked the most. I voted for three, I wish I could vote for all of them.