Daily Prompt: Lucky Star

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Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by the Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?

I once read a quote by someone, “If wishes were horses beggars would ride on them.” If I think of beggars, their wish most certainly would be food, shelter and clothes. These  three things are not easy for them  to achieve. Hence they go from door to door in search of food, clothes and sometimes shelter if they are really lucky.

Since I do not fall in the above category, I wonder what I’d wish for since The Daily Post is so generous. My three wishes are : 1. Interesting prompts, 2. Writing exercises, 3. Availability of images.

Interesting Prompts: motivates us to write longer posts that will draw more readers.

Writing Exercises: It is something I picked up from Lilly Ferrin’s , five sentence fiction. It works well for me. I get more readers.

Availability of images: when I started blogging, every time I wrote a post ,there were a lot of images by Wikipedia relating to the subject which made my work much easier. We don’t get them anymore, it’s not easy to get images to fit the subject I write about, some of them do not allow me to copy their images.

These are my three wishes, I’d be glad if my three wishes can be fulfilled.

………………………..  🙂


DP Daily Prompt: World’s Best Widget

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I am not sure what kind of widget I can invent. It certainly won’t be, “World’s Best”, maybe the other way around might sound possible. Let me see how I can use this engineering skill that I am granted to invent ONE gadget.

I will build something with wood,I have plenty of this thing in my house, I’m waiting to see how it can be used to build a magical widget. Lately I noticed there are certain things I need to carry on my work. With the skills I’m granted,I’d build a gadget that will have power to speak and sing. Every time I publish my post,this gadget on the touch of a button will speak,sing and dance and attract the passers by to come and read my amazing post.My gadget made of wood will have windows from where a head will pop out and sing about my post. The other window will have a creature with eyes which would use its magnet to drag the people to my blog. The third window will distribute goodies, such as chocolate, candies,pizza ,hot dogs. Who wouldn’t like to stop and taste it. The condition would be they have to read the post and comment,then they’d be eligible.

Sound quite desperate doesn’t it!