365 Writing Prompt: All grown up

When was the first time you really felt like a grown up(if ever)?

I was always curious about everything. I think I was eight years old, my Dad hired a new teacher for my younger siblings, he was employed to teach them Urdu.

One day I wanted to see how my siblings were doing, there they were repeating every word that their teacher was saying, the teacher knew the whole book by heart. He had his eyes closed and in a sing song tone was reciting the words.

Something to me wasn’t right I thought, my siblings I didn’t believe could read, they were able to repeat what their teacher was saying. I waited for them to complete the lesson for that day, when they came out, I grabbed my sister I told her I didn’t think any of them could read, after continuous repetition they were able to deceive me by opening the book and pretended to know they can actually read.

I told my sister, “I bet you cannot read it.”

She insisted she can , I said: “then read.”

I opened a page in the book and asked her to read.

She said, “I want to start from the first page.”

I was convinced none of them learned to read.

I told her if she can read what difference does it make if I open the book at any page, she should be able to read. My sister stayed quiet, there was nothing she was able to say.

I went to Dad and told him the teacher does not know how to teach and my siblings after all these months cannot read a single word. They can read without opening the book. You know what that means they have memorized the whole book.

My Dad was upset, he immediately  fired the teacher .

That day onward I felt like a grown up I was able to point out to my Dad that the teacher he hired for our younger siblings was not capable of teaching!

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DP Daily Prompts: All Grown Up

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When was the first time you felt like a grown up (if ever) ?

Although I am not quite feeling like a grown up right now because of the excruciating back pain, when it finally relieves me I might be able to answer the question.

Having said that I remember my older sister did not waste any time telling me I was good for nothing I will not finish high school. I was fourteen, she was twenty-one, I looked right up at her and said, “you know what, you are boasting because you have a master’s degree and I do not, someday I’ll also get one too,I’ll show you I am smarter than You.”

She was speechless, and angry , she turned around and left, after this episode she did not repeat the words, “I was good for nothing.”

Do you readers think I was a grown up at age fourteen?

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Writing Prompt: All Grown Up

When was the first time I really felt like a Grown Up.

This is one question I asked myself time and time again,but came up with no answer. I remember I had finished my education and started working in a school. You would think I should be grown up,I did too but my mom did not think so. How can that be, well I asked my mom one day if I could visit one of my friends, in reply she said yes but I must be back within the hour. Technically at that age I shouldn’t ask for permission,rather tell her I’m going to my friend’s house and will be back whenever.

I was twenty-two then. Now I really have to think hard and wonder when did I really consider myself grown up? I think when I left home and started teaching in a school outside my home town.

Thankfully I did start to feel I was grown up when I was my own boss,I did not have to take permission to go somewhere.

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