Live and Learn And Pass It On by H.Jackson Brown,JR. post by Ranu

The following is a collection of views by various people. Mr. Brown has put them together in a book.I will share some of them with all my friends at WordPress:

I’ve learned that home is the best place where we

grumble the most and are loved the best.   ___Age 89

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a sp...

Traffic light in Munich, Germany, showing a special bus signal. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve learned that first graders are the only ones

who think it’s neat when their teeth fall out.___Age 25

I’ve learned that you should never put off saying,

“I love you,” in any relationship as long as you

sincerely mean it.Otherwise, you may spend the

rest of your life regretting it. __   Age 19

I’ve learned that  when the traffic signal light says

“walk,” I’d better run.   ____Age 57

I’ve learned that of all the bad four- letter words,

DIET is the worst.___  Age 54

I’ve learned that if either of

your parents are angry,don’t

__ and I repeat don’t __ ask for

money.                                  __ Age 10