Daily Prompt : Entertain

In response to prompt : Entertain

Ilahi or Divine

I find it amazing how one word can take me back to a time when I was a little girl. The word is Ilahi, it means, Divine.

My mom employed a helper, to help her in her cooking, her name was Ilahi(Divine), she looked after us as if we were her  children. In return I spent a fair bit of  time interacting with her.

One morning my mom was calling her by her name, then she jokingly said, ‘Isn’t it wonderful to have someone who reminds me of the Divine?’

You might wonder what does this have to do with the prompt, Entertainment?

I’d say a lot. One day Divine asked me if I’d go to her house to have dinner, that she’d cook for me. I saw nothing wrong, I immediately answered yes.

My Mom thought nothing of it and gave me permission to go with her. She had a modest house, but  a big heart, she cooked all kinds of delicious food for me. Which I found tasty, this was her way of  entertaining me.

There is a saying, “food is the best way of entertaining ones near and dear  to them.”

I loved her food, her cooking skill and more than everything her big heart.

This reminds me of a Haitian proverb, which observes that, ‘poor people have a big heart!’

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