Daily Prompt : Haul

In response to prompt : Haul

Unexpected Candy Haul!

Long time ago when my siblings and I were moving to a new house, my mom told my brother to check all the drawers so we didn’t leave anything behind.

My brother loved doing this kind of chore, he didn’t have to try hard. All he did was open and shut. He was sure within minutes his work will finish and he’d run outside to play.

He had a few drawers left, he was singing along while doing this. Suddenly he noticed one of the drawers felt tight, he  was having a hard time, he wasn’t in a mood to give up.

He held the drawer pulled it with all his strength. The drawer opened, he found it full of candies. He took it out and proudly showed his loot. We gathered together hoping he’d share.

‘What a haul, my brother exclaimed,’ then he shared his spoils with us.

Meanwhile,  my mom was so surprised she was tongue-tied for a few minutes. Finally she said, ‘who would leave so many boxes of candies in a drawer?’

……………………………………… 🙂