Writing Prompt: Undo

If I could un-invent something, it will have to be cigarettes. This thing that is hazardous to health was invented by an English beggar,his name was Horrey Thormfield. The story goes he asked the local butcher for some scraps of wax paper, he put the paper in some kind of pipe he had, he enjoyed smoking this invention of his.

He lost his pipe in a card game. He already loved what he smoked, he rolled this scrap paper into a cylindrical shape and started smoking.This was the world’s first rolled butcher wax paper cigarette.

Now there are all kinds of cigarettes in the market.  I and others who agree with me is this rolled paper filled with tobacco is the cause of lung cancer. It also endangers the health of non- smokers. Why have something which is so bad for health.

There is going to be repercussion from the cigarette industries who are making money, from smokers who cannot do without it. But non-smokers will I hope support it.

I cannot think of a possible alternative but the thought the consumers would save a lot of money if the cigarettes are no longer available and the houses would not smell should be helpful.

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