Ghazal: Singer Talat Mehmood, translated by Ranu

I have a heart of many hopes,

Come and try to know me.

I am an ocean waiting

I gave beauty a glowing

cup of wine,
The cheeks the status of roses,

I call the lips buds,

Eyes I call a deep ocean,

Come and try to know me.

It is true in your

gathering, my stories

are worthless.

compared to the wealth of

my heart,

the whole world’s riches

are nothing.

Do not try to steal,

a glance at me.
Come and try to know me.

………………………………………….. 🙂

Ghazal, Singer Mehdi Hasan Translator -Ranu


Despite the fact that,

your respect for me

has fallen,

you will never forget me.

I don’t know why I’m sure,

you will not erase my love for you.

wherever you go I will

always be in your thoughts.

Sometimes in a song,

sometimes in tears.

You’ll find me anxious

everywhere you look.

The light that my faith has

created, cannot be turned off

even if you try,

you won’t be successful.

If my name comes up in any,


it will make you sad,

if someone asks you the reason

of your tears,

Even if you want to,

You won’t be able to tell the cause!

………………………………….. 🙂

Hindi song: Mais zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya, posted and translated by Ranu

This is a song from a  Bollywood, Hindi movie, in the movie Dev Anand does the lip-synching. He was an actor who appeared in countless movies. The words or lyrics of the song tells the story of Dev Anand’s life. A few days ago I heard this song after a long time. I liked the lyrics so much, I thought it probably tells us to be  prepared for anything in life, happiness and  sadness are a part of life.

The following is my translation of the song:

I went along with life performing whatever I faced

I blew my fears away like a puff of smoke,

I realized it was useless to feel sorry for disappointments,

I treated my sorrows as a festival, and laughed it off.

I blew my fears away like a puff of smoke.

Whatever I got from life I acknowledged it as my fate.

I blocked my mind from remembering , whatever I lost.

I took my  heart to  a place,

Where there was  no difference between sorrow and happiness!

………………………………….. 🙂



Author’s view: On Prayer

Then a priestess said, “Speak to us of Prayer.”

And he answered,  saying :

You pray in your distress and your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.

For what is prayer but the expansion of your self into the living ether?

And if it is for your comfort to pour your darkness into space, it is also for your delight to pour forth the dawning of your heart.

And if you cannot but weep when your soul summons you to prayer , she should spur you again and yet again, through weeping until you should come out laughing.

When you pray you rise to meet those who you can only meet by prayer.

Let your visit to that temple invisible be for naught but ecstasy and sweet communion.

If you enter the temple for no other purpose than asking you shall not receive,

you enter into it to humble yourself,

even if you enter it to beg for the good of others you shall not be heard,

It is enough you enter the temple invisible.

God listens not to your words save when He Himself utters them through your lips.

I cannot teach you the the prayer of the seas, the forests or the mountains,

You who are born of the mountains, the forests and the seas can find their prayer in your heart.

And if you listen in the stillness of the night, you shall hear them in silence:

“Our God , who art our winged self, it is thy will in us that willeth.

It is the desire in us that desireth.

“We cannot ask thee for aught for thou knowest our needs before they are born into us .

” Thou art our need ; and in giving us more of thyself thou givest us all.”

To be continued once more along with the author’s name!

……………………………….. 🙂

Tagore song translated and posted by ranu

I will not call, I will not call,

I will not call this way from outside.

If I can I will let my

Heart send the message.

The pain of longing rings at the bottom of my heart,

I know not where to find the one.

Who will unite the giver and receiver?

Will our pain be similar?

Will the Ganges river

Mix  with the dark

waters of the Jumna?

Will my pain unite with the one?

A tune sounded

It  came on its  own

At the time of leaving

It promised to be back.

I will not call, I will not call

I will not call this way from outside.

If I can I will let my

Heart send the message!

……………………………….. 🙂

Tagore song: Aami shudhu roinu baaki, posted and translated by Ranu


আমিই শুধু রইনু বাকি ।
যা ছিল তা গেল চলে, রইল যা তা কেবল ফাঁকি ।।
আমার ব’লে ছিল যারা আর তো তারা দেয় না সাড়া-
কোথায় তারা, কোথায় তারা, কেঁদে কেঁদে কারে ডাকি ।।
বল্‌ দেখি মা, শুধাই তোরে- আমার কিছু রাখলি নে রে,
আমি কেবল আমায় নিয়ে কোন্‌ প্রাণেতে বেঁচে থাকি ।।

I am the only one left

What I had went away

What remains is deceit

Those who were mine

They no longer respond

Where are they, where are they

I weep and wonder

Whom shall I call

Tell me mother, I ask you–

You did not leave ,anything

That belonged to me

What kind of heart do I need

To live only by myself.

I was thinking about the lyrics of Tagore’s song. I thought he was probably thinking about his own life. His mother died soon after he was born, when he grew up and got married, he and his wife had four children all of them died at an early age. His wife also died early. Tagore was alone.

This may be the reason, he wrote the song: Aami shudhu roinu baaki– I am the only one left, what I had went away. Those who were mine, they no longer respond.

……………………………… 🙂


Tagore Song posted and translated by Ranu

আজি প্রণমি তোমারে চলিব, নাথ, সংসারকাজে। তুমি আমার নয়নে নয়ন রেখো অন্তরমাঝে ॥ হৃদয়দেবতা রয়েছ প্রাণে মন যেন তাহা নিয়ত জানে, পাপের চিন্তা মরে যেন দহি দুঃসহ লাজে ॥ সব কলরবে সারা দিনমান শুনি অনাদি সঙ্গীতগান, সবার সঙ্গে যেন অবিরত তোমার সঙ্গ রাজে। নিমেষে নিমেষে নয়নে বচনে, সকল কর্মে, সকল মননে, সকল হৃদয়তন্ত্রে

 যেন মঙ্গল বাজে ॥
Today my Lord I salute you
 before I go for my worldly duties.
You watch me in your heart
I wish  to remember at all times 
that you are my object of deep reverence
I should burn the thought of sin.
I want to feel your presence even
when I'm in the company of others.

Song: Bengali song : singers Bashir and Anjuman Ara; Posted and translated by ranu

This is a song sung by a  female singer I used to know.She is a Bengali. She had a very sweet and amiable disposition which is rare among those who reach the heights of fame.I’m translating this song to celebrate the memory of a person who was loved by those of us who knew her.

The sky has heaps of blue

The air has some scent

the night is lighted by the glow- worm

the stream has a soft rhythm

Only my hands are empty

but  my eyes are full of tears

My lonely heart has closed the doors of hope

I cannot understand what’s wrong with  me

Why can’t I overcome my bashfulness

I’ve tried to tell many times but could not

I fail to understand how will I say it

How long can I aimlessly drift in this thought

I know not why I have this conflict!

………………………………… 🙂




Song , Singers Talat and Rafi posted and translated by Ranu

In the dark nights of sorrow (Rafi sings this part)

Do not lose courage

Brighter  days will surely come

Wait for the opportune moment.


I am suffering from pain all my life( Talat)

There is no remedy for it

I do not have the courage

To deceive myself.


Do not be suspicious   (Rafi)

Believe in yourself

Brighter days will definitely  come

Wait for the opportune moment

In the dark nights of sorrow.


I am always suffering(Talat)

What did I ever get from hope

I continuously took risk

What did I get for being honest.


Do not destroy the love in your heart

Keep the passion alive

Better days are yet to come

Wait for the opportune moment!


This did not console my heart(Talat)

I have gained nothing from this news

The night continues to be dark

I’m not hopeful of a brighter morning.


Harvesting in Spring will soon be here(Rafi)

After another autumn

Spring will take its place

Wait for this auspicious season!








Ghazal: singer Suraiyya posted and translated by Ranu and Khurram Shafique

This ghazal’s singer is Suraiya.

The lyrics of the above ghazal is written by Mirza Ghalib.

In this ghazal  the poet complains : his sorrowful heart cannot express his feelings because she is indifferent.

When a letter of yours is found in the hand of a stranger, if someone inquisitive asks about it , it makes it difficult to hide.

I do call but I pray to the passion of my heart that she may be compelled somehow to come.( translated by Khurram Shafique)

Love cannot be forced it’s the kind of fire Ghalib, which cannot be ignited or extinguished on a whim.


The singer of this one is J. Nadig

The translation is the same as above

Rafi is the singer in this one.

Ghalib complains : his sorrowful heart cannot express his feelings because she is indifferent.

I do call but I pray to the passion of my heart that she may be compelled somehow to come(Translated by khurram Shafique).

She may think it’s a game and may not think it’s important.

I wish that she may not find any pleasure teasing me as she would teasing someone else(translated by Khurram Shafique).

I am faced with such a difficult task which I cannot accomplish no matter how hard I try.(translated by Khurram Shafique)

Love cannot be forced it’s the kind of fire,’Ghalib’ which cannot be ignited or extinguished on a whim!

I’m grateful to Mr. Khurram Shafique for translating some of the lyrics of this ghazal:)…urram-shafique/