Daily Prompt: Hesitate

In response to daily post’s  one -word prompt:  Hesitate

Sometimes I hesitate to try a dish,

Especially if it’s prepared with fish.

Some fish are tasty some are not,

What’ll  I do if the one I’ve got is rot?

Do I say outright,

Or just sit tight,

And pretend I’m not well enough to try the dish?





monay ki dwidha rekhe gele(hesitate) by Tagore Indrani Sen translated and posted by Ranu

That evening ,

what did you hesitate to tell me,

before you left?

I watched you turn around,

you had something on your mind,

Your indecision stopped you

from telling me.

I saw your smile.

Now I am sitting here,

my beating heart wants

to know why did you

hesitate to tell me?

You are far away on this earth,

I see the cranes flying above,

my pain soars with them,

Hoping I will have my answer.

I asked you many times,

What you did not tell me

when you left remained

painfully  yet

like the fragrance

of Jasmine!