Daily Prompt : Nuance

In response to daily post’s prompt : Nuance

The story of the yogurt salad

Once my husband  was preparing a yogurt salad, he used all  the ingredients required for it, somehow  it did not taste right. My husband asked me,  ‘what do you think is wrong?’

I’m not an expert on how to make anything taste better, but that day something clicked in my brain. I told him perhaps a tinge of sugar and another squeeze of  lemon may do the trick, initially it had no taste, it was as bland as it can be. I was confident it certainly will whip up  some flavor in the dish he so carefully prepared for our guests.

It was the first time my husband agreed to follow my advice, he added a dash of sugar and squeezed some more  lemon juice,  guess what? That subtle difference, was all he  needed to improve the salad.

……………………………………… 🙂