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Nahuatl: Michin.

Nahuatl: Michin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Just a normal first aid bag

English: Just a normal first aid bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_1...

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_15th_early_16th_century_reverse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five items I must have on a deserted island are: food, a warm blanket, first aid kit, flint and steel,a prayer rug and the holy book.

I know water is most important to survive,but if I am on a deserted island,I am assuming there is plenty of water around,I won’t have to worry about water.

Food is necessary,it will not be convenient to carry it with me. I am thinking of catching fish for food.

Shelter is important,I did not list it, I may not find one handy on the island.Next best thing will be a warm blanket when I sleep to keep me warm and cozy.

First aid kit will help in emergency.

Flint and steel is a must for lighting a fire to cook fish I am hoping to catch.

I will need a prayer rug for my daily prayer and the holy book will keep me safe.

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted isl...

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted island on the west of the Sound of Harris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)