DP Daily Prompt: Home Sweet Home Post by Ranu

I came home after ten days in Montreal. I can’t explain what is it about ones home,that it makes you think about it day and night.

To begin with I woke up at three in the morning to get ready for my flight. You might say it’s crazy to wake up that early to catch a flight at 5:30 a.m. Here is how my system works.I have to take a shower,do it slowly.I avoid doing it in ten minutes. Then I have to make my bed,make sure  I leave everything in its proper place,this is to save myself from getting irritated when I’m back. I was required to be an hour and a half early at the airport to check in.

I noticed I missed my home the moment I boarded my flight. I missed my computer,it meant I could not do my daily post. My friend who I stayed with doesn’t have these things.She is contented with cooking,cleaning and going to the mall everyday and do window shopping.

I missed my kitchen,cooking my food the way I like. I couldn’t do that in a strange place. I missed my bed, waking up before sunrise for prayer. After a couple of days I was ready to be back at home.The sad part is, I booked to stay for ten days,no matter how I felt, I’d have to’Grin and Bear it’.

I am probably giving the impression I did not have a good time,it’s not true,I did. When I’m away from  home,my enjoyment lasts for a short while. There are a whole host of things I have to sacrifice,it brings the question,was it really worth it?

This is how I feel about ,’My Home’!