DP Daily Prompts: Sudden Shifts

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You are at the beach with some friends and/ or family enjoying sun nibbling on some water melon. All of a sudden, within seconds, the weather shifts and hail starts descending from the sky. Write a post about what happens next.

Early morning on a Sunday My family and I planned to go out for a picnic,it was a lovely bright morning the sun was shining, there was a cool breeze blowing, it was as if nature was inviting us to get ready to leave the house , after all we barely have such a pleasant day.

We took votes to see where we should go, the result was in , majority voted for the beach. We packed a food basket with a variety of foods, we sliced the watermelon so we wouldn’t need a knife, I especially am never in favor of carrying a knife. We didn’t forget to take some napkins, eating watermelon slices is healthy but it is messy as well. We took large sheets and towels, to use for our trip.

We reached Sandy beach within an hour. We found the perfect spot, the kids were delighted, there was a lot of pushing and shoving as we were laying the sheets on the sand, it took a few minutes for the young ones to calm down. Once everything was in place we all decided to eat the watermelon first, it is messy to eat, the fact it was sliced we didn’t want to leave the slices in the basket too long.

We hardly picked up our slices of the juicy fruit when we noticed the sky was getting dark, we never gave it another thought and started to eat, I had only taken a bite when I saw a flash of lightning followed by roaring thunder. We were nervous it was unexpected, without wasting another minute I instructed everyone to gather our things, and make a move to get out and hit the road.

We had walked a few metres when suddenly large hailstones started falling from the sky, the kids were scared and so were we. We could not think how to get away fast to avoid the barrage of hailstones. I was glad we carried the sheets and towels, they came in handy to protect us from the onslaught. Slowly and carefully we walked to our car, it seemed as if it took us hours just to walk to get inside the car,the hail didn’t stop so we took refuge in our car and waited for  the weather to change. After an hour  though the weather changed and the sun shone again but we made up our mind to go home where the weather would not ruin our plans to have a great time!



365 Writing Prompts: Far from home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve traveled from home.

A few years ago I traveled to Dhaka from St. John’s, it was a long flight. I had a stop over at Frankfurt, it was a long ten hours wait at the airport. There was nothing at this airport that could delight anyone much less write about it. There  was a long unattractive lounge, it had scattered benches, which seemed to say, “why are you here,you’re not welcome?”

It gave the impression of a first come first served basis benches, e.g too bad you came late here, there is no place  for you to sit . The scenario was so unfriendly I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Finally when I thought I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, I had the misfortune of meeting this sour, ill mannered gentleman who refused to answer my question. He worked for Qatar Airways which was the airlines I’d taken to fly to Dhaka.

After more than twenty four hours I finally reached my destination, Dhaka, my siblings were there to receive me. Getting out of the airport was long, there were all kinds of forms to fill in,  the lines were too long I was tired.

Going from the airport to my sister’s home was not that easy, there were traffic jams,bad drivers, buses, rickshaws , private cars, taxis, there were all kinds of transportation, trying to go faster than the other one. It was a picture of chaos. I was visiting after a long time, it seemed the population of Dhaka increased by leaps and bounds.

After more than three hours I was home, I was thankful I got home safely.



DP Daily Prompt: Antique Antics

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What’s the oldest thing you own?( toys, clothing,twinkies,Grecian Urns, anything’s a fair game.) Recount its history from the object’s point of view.

I am a sofa set, I’m not sure when and where I was born, I have traveled in many places,I was tired I needed one place to call home. The owner was kind he let me stay in his well decorated store in Montreal. One day a family came to the store, they were looking for some furniture, I pleaded to God to keep me in the store, I was beginning to love my home. 

I was watching the customers going and coming but no one showed any interest to grab me, I was soooo glad, to my dismay I saw a family approaching towards me. Then their conversation scared me they were thinking of taking me away from my home. My owner tried to convince them the other set is better, but they refused to listen, they bought me and the dreaded thing happened, I’d be shipped to “NEWFOUNDLAND”, I thought I was done with the monotony of travel,but it was my fate, it took me to far away Newfie town. I arrived in the town safe and sound, the problem arose when the shipping agency tried to charge more than the store owner had promised for shipment. The family refused to pay more, they informed the agency, they will not pay any more than what they were promised.

The thought of sending me back to Montreal didn’t seem a good idea to the agents, they agreed with the original price and I was brought to my new home. I’m here for a long time, I see a lot of people they seem to enjoy the comfort I provide when they’re seated.

Lately I’m disturbed by their kittens, they have a bad habit of making me a scratch post, I can tell you this much, if the owner doesn’t stop the felines from damaging my body, I’d end up in the city’s garbage dump. I am very scared, I hope this doesn’t happen to me.

Would you dear readers help me from these naughty Felines?



SPEAKEASY 137 – Lemonade Girl

“Good news.   I got my transfer order. ” My father announced, “We’re going to Victoria, British Columbia!”

My sisters and mother were thrilled, “When are we leaving?! ” they asked.

“When will we stop moving?” I asked, upset at the thought of being uprooted.

“Maybe some day soon.” My father said gently.

He put the “For Sale” sign on the house the next day.  I stared at it sullenly.  Now I had to leave my friends all over again.  “There are many sacrifices to make,”  Mom lectured, “this is part of growing up.  You learn to adapt to whatever the future brings.”

Three weeks passed.  We sold our house, packed up and were ready to leave.  I didn’t want to move but I was a nine-year old boy, I had to go where my parents took me.   Mom registered us at our new school.   Wearily, I sat in a classroom of strangers.

Months passed and I started settling in.  On the walk home from school one day, my friend Michael told me where to get the best lemonade. I wasn’t a big fan of lemons, but I agreed to check it out.

That’s when I saw her, hard at work.   There was a sign in crayon on the table, hardly impressive and yet,  the line was getting longer.  Curiosity got the better of me –  I fished through my pockets for some change.  I gave her a dime and she passed me a cup. She smiled and said “Thank you” – suddenly, the sun was shining a lot brighter.  As soon as that refreshing elixir slid down my throat I knew I had discovered something incredible.

I was there every day, standing in line for a few sips of the magical potion and her pretty smile.  Twelve lemonades later, I learned her name was Sita.  She was eight and dreamed of managing her own store one day.  We became good friends.  Sometimes I sat with her and helped her at the lemonade stand.  It was set up in front of her house, and when all the lemonade was gone, I would help her carry in the giant orange pitcher and paper cups.  Then I would walk home with a little skip in my step.

“You’re in a good mood,” my mother would say as she prepared my supper.

“Must be all that lemonade he’s been drinking,” my father said with a grin.

The school year ended and summer began.  Sita and I continued to run the lemonade stand, but now it was a joint venture. I borrowed one of Mom’s pitchers and bought more supplies so we could keep up with demand.   Business was good and the summer was passing blissfully with shared dreams of lemonade domination.

One afternoon in late August, as I walked up the path to Sita’s house, I saw her father hammering a sign post into the front lawn.   Curious, I paused to look more closely.  My eyes began to water as he swung the sign around and I read the letters…”F-O-R  S-A-L-E”.

Sita stepped out of the house.  “You’re moving?” I said with a lump in my throat.

“Yes. Daddy has a new job.”

I didn’t wait for more, tears streaming down my face, I turned and ran back home.

“What’s happened?  Are you okay?” Mom said with a worried look.  In between sobs I shared my devastation.  She held me in her arms, “Don’t cry darling.  These things happen.  Everything will be fine, you’ll see.  We must adapt to what–”

“I don’t want to adapt!” I screamed as I ran to my bedroom.

I saw Sita the next day,  there was a sorrow hanging over my head that I could not shake.  I knew they would be leaving soon and I would never see her again.  Sita was optimistic, she said that once we grew up we would manage our own store and everything would be perfect.  I looked at her with pity and the wisdom of one who was a year older.  Two weeks later, they moved away.

Years passed and Victoria became my permanent home.   I was in college now, that first summer forgotten until I drove past my old neighbourhood.  There, in front of a familiar house were two kids selling lemonade.  Instinctually, I stopped and bought a cup for fifty cents.  One sip and I was hit with the memory of Sita’s pretty smile.

“From that day forward, every time I drove past that street corner, I thought of her.”


DP Daily Prompt: Food for the Soul(and the Stomach)Ranu’s post Ranu’s Post

Beef Curry

Beef Curry (Photo credit: avlxyz)

My favorite meal is curried beef with mixed vegetables and lentil soup and boiled rice

Boiled rice

Boiled rice (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. I like eating it more than preparing it. Since I can only eat ,if I cook it.I have no choice but to prepare it.

When I was young,occasionally my Mom used to cook beef.I thought she was the best cook in the whole world. My Dad was a fussy eater,if food didn’t look good or taste good,he’d call me and tell me to give it to my Mom.I of course thought what a nice gesture. One day at lunch he called me to take the food for Mom,I was  my jovial self humming a tune,Dad wants to share the food with Mom.

I was calling Mom from a distance,when I reached her,I gave her the food,I said,”Dad wants you to eat it”. Mom was so angry I

Lentil soup

Lentil soup (Photo credit: fifikins)

thought she’d hit me. I didn’t know what I did wrong.She calmed down when she saw me crying. She said,”Don’t you know when the food is not tasty,he sends it to me”. How was I going to know,no one told me. I noticed whenever this happened the servants would disappear,and I’d have to take the brunt from both my parents.

But beef curry,my Mom made was so tasty,I’d go for seconds. My brother Rafique was irritated with my love for beef curry.He once remarked,” If you eat so much beef you’ll turn into a cow”.  Those were the days my friend I thought would never end.It did come crashing down to an unfortunate end!

NaBloPoMo Nov.7 Poem about a Cat Ranu’s post

Persian cat / Chat persan

Persian cat / Chat persan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I saw his picture on Sally’s phone

A small black cat was he.

He is a Persian  I am told

He cannot find a home.

Three times he was taken back

It was not his fault.

Each time there was

a different reason,

He cannot get along,

The owner is moving,

Last one was he

Is not hypo-allergenic.

Poor Boots

No one cared two hoots

He cried all the way

hearing this made me sad.

I hope someone kind took

him home.

And he is not put down.

DP Daily Prompt: Ready For Your Close-up Post by Ranu

This is the most ordinary movie of my life. I am the middle daughter of my parents. I grew up a happy person.I liked to sing and play with my siblings.The happiness of mine was short. My Dad died when I was twelve. I cannot say if I ever thought what my future will be.I lived one day at a time.

Before I knew it was time for me to go to college. I was lucky my two older brothers took care of my expenses. I was not ambitious at all. When I completed my education,I suddenly wanted to go to England to study.I knew it was expensive, none of my siblings could help me.I have a strong belief that if you want something bad enough, Almighty God helps you out. My desire was fulfilled. I taught for sometime.

I got married,had three children. Everything worked out the way I wanted. I left my home and came to live in a foreign country with my husband. The locals tell me this is my home now. I agree with them.