Daily Prompt : Candid

In response to prompt : Candid

Eid-al Fitr follows one whole month of Ramadan, it’s mandatory for Muslims to   fast during Ramadan. Some kids start when they’re eight years old. frankly speaking I tried one day to fast during Ramadan, it wasn’t food that bothered me, I just could not handle one whole day of no water until sunset.  There I was in the bathroom taking a shower and drinking water until I quenched my thirst.

This pricked my conscience for quite sometime. I realized it was better not to pretend to fast, I did not like deceiving my Dad, I knew he’d be disappointed.

Coming to the subject of Eid-al-fitr, it’s a day we celebrate by visiting friends, eat whatever they give us and head on to the next house. For this particular Eid day, my Dad  could not afford to buy new clothes for all of us, so he told my mom to buy only for my eldest sister.

Mom knowing how outspoken I was quietly told me this is what they both decided.

In my mind I decided I cannot let this happen, so I was candid about it I said, ‘if no one gets new clothes, the eldest sister should not get it either.’

I refused to wear old clothes, Mom told Dad about this he agreed to buy clothes for me too.

Somewhere out their my sister was listening in on our conversation. Mom asked me, ‘what color do you like?’

As soon as I said, ‘I want blue Mom.’

My sister yelled out from her room,  ‘she should stop wearing blue clothes all the time, this time buy her red,’

Mom was in a hurry she went to the shop and bought red material for my outfit. When she came home, she smiled, ‘Look I bought red for you.’

In a fit of anger I said,   ‘give it to her, I don’t want it.’

Mom went back and bought blue material . When she showed it I said,  ‘I want both the red and the blue.’ This is how candid I was!

…………………………………………. 🙂

365 days Writing Prompt: Weaving threads “The Discarded Pitcher”

Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other,but create a common thread between them, an object, a symbol,, a place—in each part.

Mona found a pitcher stashed in the corner of her room,she was about to throw this dirty stained object,when suddenly she heard a voice, “this is a valuable object, do not throw it”, startled on hearing a voice in her one bedroom house,she looked around, there was nothing, she thought maybe it is her inner voice warning her. She lived alone ,there was no other person to tell her anything.

She went to work that morning, forgot about the pitcher, when she came home she found the pitcher missing, delighted she said to herself,”I’m so glad I didn’t have to discard this piece of junk.”

Meanwhile in another part of town, Rahim the carpenter was showing the pitcher to his friend Abdul, the friend looked at it with interest and asked, “where did you find it, let’s clean it up and see if you can sell it.” 

After cleaning the pitcher, they realized it was an antique bronze pitcher with strange markings on it. Rahim found it on his way home, he picked it up and brought it home. Abdul who thought he was wiser than his friend,advised him to sell it, he said,”what if the owner is looking for it,you can be in serious trouble.”

Rahim was a very honest man, who never stole in his life,the very fact the pitcher was in his house will be a cause for concern, that night he dreamed he was in prison for stealing the pitcher, he tried to convince the guard he was not a thief, but his cries for mercy, was looked upon as a ploy to get out of prison, he woke up and found himself still crying. He went to his friend Abdul , told him about his dream, they decided they’d have to bury it far away from Rahim’s home.

Rahim felt better, he wrapped the pitcher with an old worn out shirt, he used for dusting, he got Abdul to help him bury this strange object which was the reason for his sleeplessness. They succeeded in burying it deep in the ground.

Days and months passed Rahim was happy, he and his friend were able to quietly bury the pitcher.

This time the pitcher landed in the home of a couple, it seemed their daughter was playing in their yard one day she found the pitcher outside wrapped in some old torn shirt, she was curious, picked it up and brought it home, when her mom saw it she told the daughter to throw it in the garbage. But the daughter wanted to keep it, reluctantly her mom agreed, she was not sure what she could do with it.

One day while cleaning it she heard a voice,it said, “I’m so glad you didn’t throw me away, I will make you the richest person in this city.” 

The voice scared her so much,she fainted on the spot. Her husband came home and found the wife completely insane, he didn’t understand what happened to her, he thought it must be the pitcher ,he made up his mind to get rid of it immediately, which he did.

So the voice in the pitcher could not assure anyone, he’d change their life and ended up in a garbage dump!!






jan. 20th-365 days https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/01/20/365-days-jan20-breaking the law/

Last time I broke a rule was in college. We didn’t mean to but circumstances made us do it. There were four of us, we got permission from our teacher to watch a movie in the movie hall. The condition was we had to have a chaperone  with us.  My classmate said her aunt would go with us. We were ready and  waiting for the aunt to show up. After almost an hour my classmate got a note saying the aunt was unable to go.

Since we were ready and waiting by the college gate we made up our mind to go. We were not sure of one of the girls who was unpredictable. We clearly told her we’d be going without the aunt,if it was okay with her. She promised it was.

We set off on the assumption that things would work out.It was a very hot day,we waited for an auto rickshaw,and got one after walking a few yards. We reached the movie hall,got our tickets, and sat down to watch the movie. Everything went well. We came back happy we managed to watch the movie without the aunt.

Back in our dormitory we found the unpredictable girl restless. We asked her,what was wrong. She said nothing. We went about doing our work. Suddenly one of us was called by the teacher. We didn’t know why. Soon we found out the said girl went and told the teacher we’d gone without a chaperone. We were summoned one at a time and chastised for breaking college rules.

Then she told us to assemble in the auditorium. Sister Joseph Mary was livid. She said everything she could think of. She praised the girl for being honest. We were angry.We were not in trouble,but we learned an important lesson,not to trust the girl anymore!

DP Daily Prompt:P.C Post by ranu

I can say,political correctness if one is a firm believer ,stifles honest discussion. If we are bound by political correctness ,we cannot exhibit our genuine concerns. Lot of feelings that come from the heart are suppressed. It leaves me feeling disappointed.

English: Rocks at Otley Chevin No doubt politi...

English: Rocks at Otley Chevin No doubt political correctness will soon ban children from enjoying these rocks, (as, of course, there is a danger that they might fall off). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)