Ghazal: Singer Talat Mehmood, translated by Ranu

I have a heart of many hopes,

Come and try to know me.

I am an ocean waiting

I gave beauty a glowing

cup of wine,
The cheeks the status of roses,

I call the lips buds,

Eyes I call a deep ocean,

Come and try to know me.

It is true in your

gathering, my stories

are worthless.

compared to the wealth of

my heart,

the whole world’s riches

are nothing.

Do not try to steal,

a glance at me.
Come and try to know me.

………………………………………….. 🙂

five sentence fiction: Anchor


Lillie McFerrin Writes

Savitri a young woman was married to a man she never knew, in trying to agree to her parents wishes she at times wondered if she had made a fair choice for herself.

Her husband worked outside the country in a place she’d never seen, she needed stability in her life so she was willing to go the distance.

She received her documents in the mail, she was excited to see the new home where her husband lived, she landed in this city with high hopes of a comfortable future with her husband.

The things were rocky in the beginning, her husband was a bachelor for years, he had girl friends,Savitri knew nothing about, she was afraid, she didn’t know how to deal with this knowledge, she could not make a rash decision, months later her husband had an offer to work in a small community, Savitri was delighted, she immediately gave her consent to move out of the big city.

She and her husband moved to a small town of ten thousand people, it was okay for Savitri, the girl friends were back in the big city, Savitri was glad to have the stability she wanted.