365 Writing Prompts: My number one

Who is the most important person in your life? Describe this person in as great a detail as you can muster and most importantly, tell us why you cherish this person.

The most important  person in my life was my Dad, he was tall and thin and handsome , he wore a three piece suit to go to the office, his office was far away from my house so he went in a tanga ,it was a horse drawn carriage.

Every morning before 8 am the driver of the tanga came to take my Dad to work. Our dog, Tiger did not like my father to go in that kind of transportation he went in front of the horse and barked and barked but the driver ignored it and went onward.

One morning a gentleman who worked in my fathers office offered to give him a  ride in his car, because he said, “I pass the front of your street daily, it’s no trouble for me,” my Dad must have agreed because he did not use the tanga any more.

My Dad   came from a little village in Bangladesh,  he learned English, Urdu,  and Arabic.

When my teacher refused to let me go ahead in Urdu, because she said everyone should be on the same page, I got help from my Dad and finished the whole book. My Dad wasn’t aware I was not supposed to finish reading the book.

My Dad loved all of us , he wanted us to get the best education possible. He never let us eat any kind of food sold by vendors, he didn’t think it was good for us.

He passed away when most of us were very young, I remember everything he told us. I cherish him because he provided for us, he registered us in the best schools and always made sure we were healthy and happy.

Image from wikipedia, the picture below is the tanga,my father went to work in one just like this one.

Tanga_in_Saharnpur.JPG (3264×2448)