Fiction: Spoiled

Lillie McFerrin Writes

She came in checked her refrigerator, everything she bought was smelling so bad she could not bear to keep the door of the refrigerator open  any longer.

She was hungry, there was nothing in her kitchen she could cook, how did this happen she could not  understand, she remembers  putting all her groceries neatly in the refrigerator, she had barely placed the grocery when she heard  a loud noise.

She hurriedly went where the noise came from, when she reached the courtyard she found her husband lying on his stomach with a pool of blood, what happened who did this was the question she asked herself, when she opened her eyes she found herself in a hospital bed with a group of physicians staring at her.

She sat up but they gently laid her on the bed and indicated she needed rest.

How many days ago she was in that state she did not know, all she knows she is at home all the food she bought was spoiled, tears came down her cheeks as she was hungry, and there was nothing for her to eat, tired and exhausted she fell asleep, she dreamed all kinds of delicious foods  was in front of her, when she tried to pick something to eat, she felt a strong arm holding her hand and said, “Wait my darling there are people waiting to join you, look around, they are all here!”