Daily Prompt: Idyllic

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What does you ideal community look like?How is it organized, and how is community life structured? What values does the community share?

My ideal community is a medium sized city, it is neat and clean, in times of snow the city workers clear the snow. Garbage is collected weekly. Every other week we are supposed to collect recyclable items separately and the regular garbage in normal bags, and place them on the curb.

We have a postal system, they deliver our mail Monday to Friday.

We have a number of grocery stores where we can buy fresh and frozen produce, also fresh milk, cheese,and butter.These stores also carry cleaning stuff.

We have volunteers who take care of food and clothing donated by the citizens.

We have hospitals where the patients are treated by trained physicians.

We have one university, it offers a variety of courses to the students, from computer science to medicine and arts and science as well.

Our airport is international, you can travel anywhere from here, of course one has to use connecting flights.

We have a variety of festivals which the people can enjoy at certain times of the year.

I think our community is an ideal community.

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Writing 101 Day Seven: Give and Take

Today’s prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things–whether people, objects, emotions,places or something else.

Today’s twist: Write your post in the form of a dialogue.

There was a hot debate going on between Selfish and Selfless. Each told the other  it was better, I could not help listening in  to their debate.

“I have learned from experience it’s not worth helping anyone, I’m happy taking care of myself,” Said Selfish.

“Aren’t you ashamed of yourself admitting this hideous behavior, what exactly is the privilege ¬†you gain by being like this?” Said Selfless.

“Privilege?” ¬†“well for starters, I do not have to share anything with anyone, I live in this huge mansion, my servants are instructed not to ¬†let anyone in.”Said Selfish.

“And this is how you plan to live your life, what happens when you are sick, no one will come to help you?” Said Selfless.

” I do not need anyone, I have all the medication I need with books to help me what to take when.” Said selfish.

“Oh give me a break, if books and medicine is all you need, why do we have physicians, they prescribe the medicine and tell you to use them with instructions?” Said Selfless.

“I don’t need a physician, I have a state of the art TV, I can switch to any channel and get my instructions from there , I do not ¬†have to go to a physician” Said Selfish.

The discussion was heating up Selfish felt a pain in his chest, he didn’t know what brought it about, he lay down in the nearest couch, he was breathing hard, his servant came running to see what ¬†his master wanted, but the master was having severe pains, therefore he could not find out what he must do.

He ran to Selfless and pleaded with him: “Please sir,” he said, “can you tell me what I must do?”

“Call an ambulance, take him to the nearest hospital.” was his reply.



DP Daily Prompt: Interplannet Janet

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You get to design your own planet: tell us about your planet– the weather, the seasons,the inhabitants. Go.

It certainly is a great idea to design my own planet. It gives an opportunity to apply the knowledge gained from the misuse of our present planet, it  will help us not to make the same mistake of polluting the environment.

Experience tells us we have changed the seasons by our misuse of our planet. We know we must not repeat the same mistakes, so that our seasons are normal.

Storage of weapons of mass destruction will be disallowed, since  war brings misery,  the minds of the people  has to be changed.

Feeling  superior than others will be discouraged, everyone will be treated the same.  They  will draw the same salary regardless of their work.

Education will be free, the parents will be encouraged to guide their children, so that education will not be thought of as a waste of time.

Houses will be built according to the number of family members. Playtime will be strictly observed.

Religious freedom will be allowed regardless of the faith of the inhabitants.

The supermarkets will be encouraged to stock fresh produce, violators will be disciplined.

The inhabitants will be motivated to use public transportation to avoid polluting the environment by driving too many vehicles.

Health care will be provided with minimal cost. Hospitals will be clean, and the workers in them will be kind to the patients.




DP Daily Prompt: Leftovers Sandwich

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Today, publish a post based on unusual material from a previous piece–a paragraph you nixed, a link you didn’t include, a photo you decided not to use. Let your leftovers shine!

In one of my previous post I wrote about Mr. Melendy, how thoughtful he was, I wasn’t able to thank him enough for his kindness.

I didn’t mention another thing he did for me. He called me one day and asked if I’d be interested to go to St John’s, because he was going and it’d be no trouble for him to pick me up from my house, he knew my husband was in the hospital and I might want to go to see him, I was delighted but had a bit of a problem, I had our two cats in the house and I wondered if he’d mind taking them along.

I was surprised when he said, ‘sure take them along.’

I did feel guilty, but Mr. Melendy did not mind taking me and the cats in his vehicle all the way to St. John’s, which is two hundred miles from Gander.

He was unbelievably kind, in case you are wondering I could not rely on anyone in Gander to look after the felines!

ink: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/28/dp-daily-promp…overs-sandwich/


365 days Writing Prompt: Helping Hand

Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you’ve ever received.


My sister and I were going home in a rickshaw in Dhaka city in Bangladesh, it was early evening we were only a few yards away,when suddenly we were pushed from behind, I have no idea whether we were pushed by another rickshaw or some other vehicle. We were thrown out on the street,our handbags were scattered in different direction,my sister was screaming her ankle was broken. 

Suddenly we were surrounded by what looked like students who came to help us,they picked up our bags and one of them handed them to me.I was not hurt, they felt I was in a better position to take care of them. Meanwhile my sister was screaming, some of the students called another rickshaw to take us to the hospital. They helped my sister get on the rickshaw.

I was impressed how helpful they were,they made sure no one took off with our handbags.


: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/05/18/365-days-writi…t-helping-hand/

Writing Prompt: The Clock

My husband went to the airport to make arrangements to fly to Dhaka to see his mother who was sick. Suddenly “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”It was 6 p.m., I rushed to see if my husband had bought his ticket. When I looked at him I was terrified. He was holding on to his chest, he poured a glass of brandy and drank it. Then he slowly went to the bedroom and lay down. I saw him holding on to his chest and groaning. I had never seen a patient having a heart attack before yet I thought it had to be a heart ache,the way he was moving his head and arms and legs.

I asked him if I should call the hospital,in reply he said,

“it’s just a little chest pain, I’ll be all right.”

I noticed the pain was getting severe every minute. I begged him to let me call the hospital. He agreed and wanted to talk to the doctor himself.

We lived very close to the hospital,in a few minutes the doctor arrived and decided to take him to the hospital. After what seemed an eternity the head of the hospital came to our house.

He told me , “Your husband had a moderate to severe heart attack, the next forty-eight hours is crucial, if he comes through there is hope.”

I cried all night,I didn’t know what else to do. I began to think, “is he going to be okay?”

To my surprise I didn’t feel I was going to lose him. He stayed at the local hospital for a week and was airlifted to St. John’s, where they were better equipped to treat him.

He was released from the hospital after six weeks. I went and brought him home. It took another two months for him to get back on his feet. Within a month he was strong enough to go back to work.

http://wordpress.com/2014/02/16/365-days-feb16- the clock/

365 days Daily Prompt: In A Crisis https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/01/17/365-days-jan-17 2014-In A Crisis/

The day it happened was the most unnerving situation I faced in my life. My husband was critically ill. I saw him holding his chest. He was in pain. I wanted to call the hospital. He stopped me. He said he’d be okay. I was crying I insisted we have to get in touch with the hospital. ¬†Finally he told me to dial the number. He spoke with someone. The doctor came within minutes. He took him to the hospital.

I was waiting at home to get a call from the hospital. After two hours Dr. Coxon came to the house. He told me my husband had a moderate to severe heart attack. He was in critical condition. If he survived after 48 hours there was hope he’d ¬†recover.

Meanwhile at home I waited to know how he was doing.  At that time I had two children,one was slightly older than two and the second was three months old.

I was nervous, I didn’t know what to do. I called my old neighbor. She came right away to give me company.

The next day I left my children with the baby sitter and went to school. I was trying to teach the children. I couldn’t stop tears coming down my cheeks. My colleagues, God bless them told me I should go home and they’d take care of my class.

After a month he was airlifted to St. John’s which was a better centre and well equipped to handle a heart patient. He stayed in the ICU for six weeks. He was given a variety of medication and sent home.

I don’t know if I’m happy with the way I reacted. The only thing was I was nervous, I had no close relative near me. I was an inexperienced terrified person. I looked after my husband the best way I could.