My Journal

This morning Nature welcomed me with its favourite white snow. I kind of disliked the thought of going out to buy groceries on a day like this.

But truth be told my fridge was reminding me if I fail to replenish it. I’ll have to face hunger. Being a human who entertains herself with food, this was a choice I could not be happy with.

I wore my big coat, a cap, and winter boots, I was on my way out when I heard a voice, ‘Do not visit the supermarket without a mask, COVID 19 will have a great day infecting yet another unmasked human.’

I went back, got my mask on, and asked. ‘Yo voice is there anything else I’m forgetting?

The reply was, ‘well buy some popcorn while in the store, or else you’d feel sorry.’

Like the poem I read where the mom asked her son, ‘do not forget to buy this, this and this, all right? The boy was repeating the items every few seconds, and I repeated, ‘popcorn I must buy. Let this be the first food item I pick up.’

While the boy forgot the things he must buy, because his mind got occupied with the players on the soccer field. I suddenly noticed hot chillies on the shelf. I tossed them and turned them, then I put them in the cart. The memory of popcorn took a backseat, because those hot chillies took over.

I went from aisle to aisle. Finally I said, ‘we have enough food to last us for a few days.’

Just a few minutes ago ,my daughter said, “we forgot to buy the popcorn!”

…………………………………………………………… ūüôā

365 days Writing Post: Take Care

When You’re unwell , do you allow others to take care of you, or do you prefer to soldier it alone? What does it take for you to ask for help?

I was unwell many times, it was when I ate more hot chillies than anyone else in my family. After a week of eating the hot stuff I’d be so sick from stomach ache,I’d cry lying down, it didn’t help,¬†the excruciating pain made me scream, this was something I could not soldier ¬†alone. I promised I’d stop eating this stuff, a week later I’d eat the hot stuff and get ¬†sick again. I was very young and didn’t believe the ¬†pain will come back if I didn’t stop this bad habit. I knew the cause of my sickness and I was aware only I could stop it if I looked after myself.

Then a time came when I was sick and did not know why. I had severe heart burn, I was short of breath, my legs felt weak when I tried to walk. One day I tried to use the vacuum cleaner to clean the carpet, I turned it on, five minutes into it I felt I was unable to breathe. I told my husband I was feeling very sick, he took one look at me and said, “Nothing is wrong with you you have gained too much weight.”

He was a physician and didn’t take a second to diagnose my problem, in the meantime my condition was getting worse, I was alarmed how ill I felt. I took one last attempt and told my husband, “I’m really sick.”

This time I noticed he was scared, he immediately made an appointment for me to see a physician whose specialty was internal medicine. He was a very good one , he took his time and asked me to tell him my symptoms, he was patient and let me tell him how I was feeling,it took him a few minutes, he told me I was suffering from “Hypothyroidism”. According to him patients with this condition cannot get out of bed, he was amazed I was teaching. He gave me a piece of paper to give to the principal, where he advised I should be ¬†off from teaching for six weeks. My immediate reaction was, “What about my kids?”

He gave one look at me¬†and¬†said, ” It’s your principal’s problem not yours.”

The pill he prescribed helped . I was able to carry on my work without any problem.



DP Daily Prompt: Ring Of Fire

pad2014-s.png (308√ó60)

Do you love hot and spicy foods or do you avoid them for fear of what tomorrow might bring?

If I’m ever given a choice between spicy or bland food,my choice would be spicy, there is no doubt about it. I grew up in a family where any kind of meat,fish , or chicken was cooked with a lot of spices. I also ate green hot chillies with my food. ¬†The chillies did not agree with my stomach but I did not stop eating them until I got sick. Every time I was sick I promised not to eat those green chillies, it was an addiction ¬†I could not give up completely.¬†

When I moved to Gander with my husband,there was no such thing as green chillies, the locals did not know them and it was not available. So my obsession with chillies came to a screeching halt. What was available in the store was black pepper and salt. I couldn’t imagine cooking with salt and pepper only, so we asked our friends in Montreal to send us some of the spices we use in our cooking.

This is how things worked out for us as far as cooking goes,there was no other issue, we took trips to the mainland each year and bought our supplies and clothing. 

We moved to the capital within a few years,here we can buy anything we need,all kinds of fruits and vegetables and spices too.

The only food I eat without any spices is steak,to me it ruins the taste completely.

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