Daily Prompt : Spicy

In response to the prompt : Spicy

When it comes to food, I like it  spicy. One day, my husband and I with our two good friends decided to have Sheesh Kebab for dinner, my husband bought beef and cleaned and sliced the piece of meat into small thin slices. Our daughter was a year old. I cooked a mild flavored chicken dish for her.

Our aim was to make the beef sheesh kebab spicy. I was in charge I used a good amount of cayenne, a quarter teaspoon of cloves, some cinnamon to enhance the flavor, fresh ginger and garlic paste. We marinated the beef mixture for about two hours.

We lived in an apartment in Montreal, we didn’t barbecue in the kitchen, to avoid the aroma in our bedroom, and living room.

The only proper place to barbecue was the balcony. I had the beef ready, my husband grilled it, we brought the kebabs in the dining room and I set the table.

I put my daughter in her high chair, and served her chicken with some rice, she noticed we were eating something different, she made a fuss, she wanted to eat the kebab, not the chicken. I said, ‘Selina the kebab is hot, you cannot eat it.’

She refused to listen and stretched her little hand for the meat. I thought she’d stop eating once she tastes it, she continued eating and  pulled  her tongue, because it was so hot. I tried to convince her the chicken is better, but  she refused to eat it..

I had to surrender  and prayed she won’t get sick.  We had a wonderful time eating the sheesh kebab. It worried me because my little kid wanted to eat the kebabs that were too hot for her!

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DP Daily Prompt:190 days later

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Back on January 21st we asked you to predict what day #211 would be like.Well July 30th is that day — how have your predictions held up so far? If you didn’t reply to the prompt at the time, is this year turning out to be as you’d expected?

I wasn’t certain whether I was required to reply about that particular day or the days and months leading up to day #211. Today is day# 211, nothing has changed, except it’s a hotter day than I had imagined on the 21st January. In St. John’s all the years  that I have spent here, it was not this hot, we had hot days but they were very short, and we were back to rain, drizzle and fog as usual. This year it is entirely different, the days are much hotter. I was afraid on June 28th when the fasting month started I’d be unable to fast when it was so hot and eighteen hours of fasting, did not seem I could accomplish. I surprised myself, I carried on my fasting all thirty days, I feel so happy.

I am hoping to pray, it will be by myself, I had some caring friends but they left the city and moved on. This year is not quite what I predicted, some of it is true, others are not!

k: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/07/30/dp-daily-prompt190-days-later/

Yeah Write # 146 “A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned”

A penny saved is a penny earned sounds like a good thing to do. But sometime it can be costly if it interferes with our health.

My classmate and I decided to visit a college friend of ours. Our intention was to hire a rickshaw to get there. It was a hot afternoon, the sun was  bright  and hot. There was no breeze. Our budget was about one hundred pennies anymore, would be too much for us.

We walked a few yards to get a rickshaw. It was  getting hard to find one. We almost walked half the distance. We saw one and stopped him. We asked how much the fare was to get to our destination. The man looked at us,he knew it was  very hot that day,he thought he could ask any amount and we’d accept,when he quoted his price we didn’t accept. We told him how much we’d like to pay ,he wouldn’t budge and went away. We had no choice we continued walking . We stopped a second one, he asked even more when we already walked three-fourth of the distance.

We declined and decided to keep walking.  We were almost close to her house, I said to my classmate, “We are  near her house, she must not know we walked all this distance.”

“Let’s hire a rickshaw now, it would be cheaper.” she said.

There were a lot of them parked where we were. They were looking for passengers.I asked what the fare would be, he asked for twenty-cents. We were delighted and happily rode the rickshaw and reached our friend’s  house. I knew we couldn’t tell her we walked most of the way, not only she wouldn’t let us forget this incidence, she’d tell all our friends how cheap we were.

Did we really save pennies we thought we would?  I doubt we did.  We had severe backache and sunburn. The lesson we learned was we must never try to save money at the cost of our health.