365 Writing Prompts: Fifteen Minutes

You have fifteen minutes to address the whole world live (on television or radio—choose your format). What would you say?

I think I’ll use TV to address the whole world, it’s a medium where I’m sure more people will watch and listen.

To the organizers a big thank you.

Since I have fifteen minutes to let the whole world know my message : here it goes, Hello World , thank you for turning on your TV sets, I have a very important message for every man,woman and child,my message is simple.

We are at a stage when we are facing global warming, we did not pay attention when we were first informed . We now have to do our part to save the world we live in we are indebted to our children grandchildren and humanity  to turn this terrible news into something favorable. I’m not asking for too much all I need for us to do   is to cooperate,and   avoid further damage to our planet.

Recycle everything recyclable, stop cutting down the trees, instead plant trees wherever possible.

Use carpools so that there are less vehicles on the road or use public transportation  such as the bus or subway where applicable.

There a lot of things besides what I have mentioned, I’m hoping my other respected speakers will share some of their concerns.

Thank you for listening goodbye!

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