DP Daily Prompt: Plagiarize yourself Posted by Ranu

This Daily Prompt was about our comments we wrote,while we were visiting different blogs.I took this one from ,”I’m Afraid Of The Dark” ¬†I enjoyed writing my comment for this one. To make it interesting I have copied her title “All Grown Up” and her conversation with Peter Pan:

Blogger: “I’m Afraid Of The Dark” Post Title : All Grown Up

Peter Pan (1988 film)

Peter Pan (1988 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One second…I’m on the phone to Peter Pan and he wants to make me a Lost Girl.

Oh ,sorry?When was the first time I feel like a grown up? Maturity? What’s that?!

I haven’t grown up and I don’t think I will for a while.I’m a teenager and the idea of being twenty and then thirty(and so on…)freaks me out.I’ll be in the university soon and then I’ll have a job.What if everything goes wrong before then and I fail all my exams? I have to go and hyperventilate into a paper bag.

I came by and wrote my comment.

Ranu: Interesting! I mean very.You are too young to feel grown up.Some do even at twelve. Mark my word ‘some’.There isn’t a whole lot. So you my dear are in a very safe territory. Do not worry about the ripe old age of twenty.Think about it this way,there are three hundred sixty five days in a year,multiply it by five and it is ,one thousand eight-hundred and twenty five days,and do not forget the measly one day,¬†because there has to be a leap year.So it is quite a mouthful.You are a long way away,so please do not worry. I enjoyed this post,thank you.

Reply: I’m Afraid Of The Dark: Thank you. I love reading your comments. Those statistics made me feel less like time is flying past. Thank you again for taking time to read my blog.