Daily Prompt : Inchoate

In response to prompt : Inchoate

In their young life, children learn to get along with each other. Theirs is a world where feud or war has no place.

When they go beyond their peaceful world, they wonder why adults act differently. They see plenty of food and houses in the world, what concerns them is why are so many people hungry and  have no place to live.

When their mind focuses on adults, they question their family members with inchoate insight: What is wrong with the world, why in this world of their parents, uncles, leaders,  cannot live in peace, why is it so difficult to share their food with the masses all over the world, are the adults too selfish to share the excess wealth they have?

These are questions that  pop in their mind and more and more they find their questions are never answered!

……………………………… 😦