Daily Prompt: Swarm

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Swarm

A few years ago, our maple trees were infested with swarms of insects in early spring. They were dark brown, hideous looking and were eating the leaves of our trees. We had no idea where they came from. We spent hundreds of dollars to get rid of them.

The lawn care people were taking care to destroy these insects. I’m not sure what they were using but their method was not reducing the problem. They claimed these moths would be killed in two years. We paid them to spray whatever they used, it didn’t work. We got their help for more than four years, when I was convinced they were unable to get rid of these disgusting insects, I stopped using their service.

Now after all these years I finally know their name. They are Gypsy Moths, they’re named gypsies because they travel by attaching to different objects.

They were accidentally used in Massachussets in 1869 by a French naturalist who was trying to cross the European Gypsy moth with North American silkworms to create a silkworm industry. Some of the insects escaped and have established themselves in North Eastern United States and Eastern Canada.

They easily spread as the young larvae is carried by wind currents as far as one kilometre. The caterpillars and pupae can be killed by crushing them. They irritate the skin if touched and also causes allergic reactions to people.

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365 Writing Posts: The normal

Is being”normal”__whatever that means to you–a good thing , or a bad thing? Neither?

When we think about humans and we give our opinion about a particular person we say he is normal, i.e. physically and mentally sound and healthy.

We do the same thing with plants,animals, insects.

About plants we’ll say, it’s growth is normal, it’s not too large or too small. We always make comparisons, whether it’s an animal or an insect or a human being, we tend to show the difference between each of God’s creation.

As regards humans we do not stop after talking about his, her growth, e.g  physical, somehow we also talk about h/s mental growth.

Mental comes into question when someone cannot cope with the learning that takes place among their peers. We find there is a huge gap in their understanding of the same thing, we conclude the eight year old or whatever age we are dealing with  takes longer to comprehend even the simplest things, immediately whoever is the person teaching puts the person in a group of other kids who are slow.

This division lowers the self esteem of the ones who are in this group. These kids or students who are labelled slow learners are humiliated, they then start to act up and disrupt the class. We usually ignore them and feel contented to keep them aloof from the rest of the students or kids.

These so called slow learners become a problem for the society, they end up dropping out of school, and get into all kinds of trouble. They are without jobs, either they live on social assistance or do whatever they have to for survival. The society calls them abnormal, they are shunned by everyone.



365 Writing Prompts: Name that…you

Do you know the meaning of your name,and why your parents chose it? Do you think it suits you ? What about your children’s names?

My name is “CHAMAN,” it means a garden. When I think of a garden it gives me a feeling of complete joy.There are flowers, birds, insects, trees and oh so many more things.

The environment of the garden is peaceful, joyous, children playing ‘hide and seek,’ Mom resting and watching her pride and joy having a wonderful time.

My parents chose my name  immediately after I was born, I guess they consulted their friends and thought the name they chose was appropriate for the way I looked as a baby.

Garden reminds me of happiness,having a good time, pretty and so on. I was a happy child, I loved playing with my siblings and friends. I am happy and I love playing, this  means the name suits me.