Writing: Intro to Poetry,Day Four: Journey

Poetry, Day Four: Journey

Poetic device : Simile



A long road, running in to the horizon

Our Journey from St. John’s, NL to Waterville Maine, USA

We started our journey in the summer season,

The heat was intensive it  felt  like we’re in an oven

Hubby the driver loved speeding like a bullet

I  warned  if he  broke the rules, he’s in for a ticket

He told me to quit being a backseat driver

Or take the wheels and let him drink some cider

We reached Port Aux Basques and got a ferry

The thunder-like sound  made me eerie

Fortunately the ride was short as a nanosecond

Longer ride would make us deaf as nana Diamond

Our drive continued till we reached Maine

A neighbour greeted us at the door with a key chain!





Writing: #Intro to Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetry, Day Ten: Future

Poetic form: Sonnet

Tomorrow God willing I will not complain,

My toothache will leave and I will be sane.

Time is short there is so much to do,

My tooth hurts how will I chew?


I must not procrastinate,

But gather clothes to donate,

I must leave them on my front door,

I hope we won’t have snow anymore.


Once I get this chore done,

I will sit and have some fun.

I wish to watch some quality tennis,

My favorite player is Milos Raonic.


I hope he can serve his best,

And ends up  scaring all  the rest.



My blogger friends day ten is complete,

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Writing:Into to Poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Writing: Intro to poetry, Day Nine: Landscape

Poetic Device: Apostrophe

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It’s a joy to see the change of weather

It’s time to fix the garden for this summer

Clearing the garbage is not an easy task

Who will do it for me I often ask?


In comes a truck with three young men

Said they, “give us a chance  to fix your garden.”

They look like amazing workers that I’m sure

My neglected garden all winter does it have a cure?


They worked hard to make the landscape bright

Daffodils, petunias, peonies they made it look all right

One question kept lingering on my mind

The grass I have, is this the right kind?


On hearing this, the leader said, “Don’t you worry,

We’ll bring the best sod in a hurry.”

Everything was in order the men started working

They were  good they didn’t waste  time talking.


My landscape in front looks great

Come see neighbors now, I Can’t wait.

I think I’ll arrange to have a  party

I’ll serve all kinds of stuff and make it hearty!

…………………………………….. 🙂











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Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

Intro to Poetry, Day Seven: Flavor

I remember reading the quote

“Sharing food with another human being

is an intimate act  that should not be

indulged in lightly.___ M.F.K Fisher

Here is my dinner party fiasco, it happened two weeks ago.

The first thing went wrong was,

I couldn’t find the

cut of beef I wanted.

The butcher announced

there was a shortage,

how can it be it’s always

available? I said.

I decided to cook


it’s okay I told my daughter,

she insisted I make it spicier.

Not just the beef

but the chicken too,

don’t be afraid to add

a lot of, cayenne.

“Too much cayenne,

will make it too hot,”

I declared.

“Don’t worry Mom

they can handle it,”

She said.

I began my cooking

generously adding,

the red powder,

the vegetables met

the same fate.

I kid you not I poured

on, the cayenne, never did

I, think of the consequences.

The food was ready,

we waited

for,the guests, who came

smiling , with boxes of chocolates,

for us.

The table was set,

The food arranged,

it looked presentable

but  was it, eatable is a question,

I did not ask myself?

Soon it became clear

something, was wrong

instead of eating

they were,

drinking water.

I knew then my,

cooking failed.

The guests went


They smiled as they

were leaving

announced, the food was


they were too full and

couldn’t, eat any more!

…………………………………….. 🙂

Writing : Intro to Poetry, Day Four: Journey


A long road, running in to the horizon

Enhance your poem with a SIMILE

Our journey felt as warm as the morning sun

The further we went the clouds above spoiled our fun

Still we were optimistic it will change

But unfortunately the heavy clouds

Fell as rain like nature was dropping

Buckets of water.

It was a perfect transformation from

Dry to wet.

We kept our mind cool

Continued  driving like a fool.

But the nightmare continued as our

Car hit something heavy

The gas tank needle turned to empty.

We checked the map to find a gas station

Nothing to worry the man said

The impact bent your tank

We were not quite satisfied

Resumed driving until we reached

Our destination.

I told my husband you liked the color

lemon, well it proved it  really

is as sour as a lemon!

…………………….. 🙂