DP Daily Prompt: Tainted Love

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Yes I know a friend who was unceremoniously dumped. She had no idea it was coming.

She was my classmate who became a friend when we were studying in the university. She met him when she was visiting her cousin, the guy befriended my friend’s niece. He found out all about her from the niece,who was overly anxious to tell him, her aunt’s name and all the rest of it.

This part is hazy because I really am not sure how the two got interested in each other. Let’s assume he sent her a note, she reciprocated. This was the beginning.

This went on for a while ,her elder sister knew about this guy. She vehemently opposed her seeing him.  My friend decided to  move into  the residence to avoid interference by her sister.

One day she asked me whether the students in the university open other students’ mail. I had no idea because I didn’t receive mail from home,and never checked the mailbox either.

This question aroused my curiosity, I smiled and said, “Do you expect mail that you don’t want anyone to open?”

She had to confide in me. She told me about her boyfriend and her sister’s unwanted advice. I found out he was a prof. in the university. Lot of female students were interested in him. He was a brilliant student and also very handsome. Which explained why all these other females were anxious to know about him. Their love affair continued, I completed my degree and left to study for my education degree in another university. During this time I heard nothing from her and I was also busy with my studies.

After completing my degree I came back to Dhaka, one day I met her sister in the shopping mall, she stopped me and said,”I want to tell you something about Nina.”

Nina and her boyfriend decided to get married, since she was the youngest daughter and the rest were married, her parents were planning an elaborate wedding, wedding cards were printed and distributed.

A week before the ceremony was to take place, Nina received a letter from her fiance, explaining how he was unable to marry her, because while in training he met another woman, he felt he had to marry the other woman because he wrote, “it would be a greater sin if he didn’t marry her.”

Talk about unceremoniously dumped, I haven’t  heard anything that can top this . She was informed by several people what was happening. Nina chose not to believe them and  thought they were trying to break the relationship.