DP Daily Prompt: Play Lexicographer


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Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

USIBEAP: it’s a mixture of  languages spoken by people from Iran, Bengal, Punjab, Arabia, and Spain and Uttar Pradesh(India).

The letter U stands for Urdu : Aapka naam kia hai? What is your name? It’s a language spoken in Uttar Pradesh(India).

S represents Spain: Language is Espanol:Como se llama Usted? What is your name?Me llamo Ranu, my name is Ranu.

I for Iran: Language is Farsi: agar firdaus bar roo e jannat toh  hami ast , toh hami ast. If there is a  paradise on earth it’s here,it’s here.( these words were spoken by a poet, when he first visited Kashmir).

B is for Bengali: language spoken in east and west Bengal: Aami ki korbo? What will I do?

E represents all the English speaking countries, e.g., I wish this prompt was not so complicated!

A is for Arabic: The language of the Quran, Insha Allah: God willing.

P is for Punjab: Language spoken in East and West Punjab: Tussi kitthe jaanday o: Where are you going?


Imam Reza Shrine

Mashhad, the holy shrine of Imam Reza

Mashhad, the holy shrine of Imam Reza (Photo credit: Arian Zwegers)

Tomb of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1848.

Tomb of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni in 1848. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Imam Reza shrine Imam Reza stone grave

English: Imam Reza shrine Imam Reza stone grave (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Author: IA Source: Taken at the shrin...

English: Author: IA Source: Taken at the shrine of Imam Ali Reda in Mashad, Iran, in August, 2005. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Imam Reza shrine is in Mashad ,Iran.It is a complex which contains the mausoleum of Imam Reza ,the eighth Imam of twelve shiites.It is the largest mosque in the world in dimension.It is the second largest in capacity.Within the the complex there are the Goharshad Mosque,a museum,a library.four seminaries,a cemetary ,the Rezavi university of Islamic Sciences,a dining hall for pilgrims,vast prayer halls and other buildings.

The complex is the centre of tourism in Iran.

In 1818 Imam Reza was murdered by Al-Mamun and was buried beside the grave of Harun.This place was called Mashad al-Rida( the place of martyrdom of Ali al-Rida) Shiias and Sunnis visit  this place for pilgrimage.By the end of the 9th century a dome was built on the grave.This place has been devastated and rebuilt a number of times.In 993 the holy shrine was ruined by Saboktakin,who was a Ghaznavid king.His son Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni ordered it to be repaired.The celebrated Muslim traveler Ibn Batuta visited Mashad in 1333.He reported that it was a large town,it had abundant fruit trees,streams and mills.It was a great dome of elegant construction,the walls were decorated with colored tiles.Opposite the tomb of the Imam is the tomb of Caliph Harun al- Rashid.It is surmounted by a platform bearing chandeliers.

In the 15th century during the Shahrokh era ,it became one of the main cities of the Timurid dynasty.In 1418 his wife Goharshad funded the construction of an outstanding mosque beside the shrine. It is known as the Goharshad Mosque.

English: Goharshad mosque, Mashad. Iran. Photo...

English: Goharshad mosque, Mashad. Iran. Photo is supplied (taken) by Zereshk. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The dome of Imam Reza holy shrine, covered wit...

The dome of Imam Reza holy shrine, covered with gold-coated bricks, (built:1333 AD), Mashhad, Iran. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Approaching the Shrine of the Tomb of Imam Reza