DP Daily Prompts: Five a Day

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You’re being exiled to a private island,and your captors will only  supply you with five foods.What do you pick?

I will pick, 1. water, 2. a vegetable ( which is good for health) 3. fish or meat( a kind that is not harmful to our health. 4. fruit (any kind) 5. a snack ( some kind of nuts, biscuit, or even another fruit).

My first item is water, we cannot survive without water, it is essential to maintain good health.

My second preference is a vegetable of any kind. I named only one because we are allowed only one.Eating vegetable daily is advised by our physicians. What  a vegetable can provide for our health other food items do not.

Third on my list is fish or meat: out of the two I have written fish is better than beef or even chicken as far as our health is considered.

Fourth is a fruit: It is just as important and useful as the vegetable. Its function is to keep us regular, it is an important part of maintaining good health.

Fifth and last on my list is a snack: we must eat snacks that are good for our health, I have included nuts or biscuit or even another fruit. Since I can only list five things, I have thought about the foods very carefully, to make sure while we are captured ,we eat foods that will keep us healthy!

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DP Daily Prompt: Living Art

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One day your favorite piece of art— a famous painting or sculpture, the graffiti next door– comes to life, What happens next?

I was sitting at my desk, suddenly I heard a weird sound, there before me was Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. She came forward and declared, she was tired of living in the photo frame for so many years, her mind was made up she was ready to explore the world of today. 

My heart was palpitating like crazy, I looked at her and then at my clock in my room, it was 12:00 noon. I covered my face with my hands and prayed to God to remove this apparition,I felt a hand touching me followed by a voice, “Hello I am Mona Lisa, I am visiting you because I know you’re the only person who can help me.”

Help you with what? I said trembling.

I want to take a tour of your island and want you to be my guide.

But I haven’t seen all of the island, how can I be your guide? I said.

She was furious, you are living on this island for so long and you haven’t visited all the places, I am disappointed with you,this is why the saying goes, People of Makkah don’t get to perform pilgrimage.

Inwardly I thought for a pretty face she seems to know a lot about worldly affairs.

Her voice got louder next time she spoke, Did you hear what I said? she was angry.

Yes Miss I said.

She stamped her foot this time, I am not Miss, I am Mona do you hear me?

Loud and clear I said.

I must get hold of Leonardo, he sent me here to get help from you, I’ll tell him he picked a stupid person to be my guide to see the island, she knows nothing.

You are right Mona I am stupid, I turned around to see what she’d say, there was no one there. I wondered, was all this my imagination or it really happened.

I heard a roaring laughter behind my back there was my daughter saying ,”Mom you crack me up who were you talking to?”

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Lillie McFerrin Writes

Far in the city of Valetta lived Vanessa,a most ordinary girl, she was quiet and hard-working, her mother always told her to do something that everyone in her friends circle would talk about.

But she was contented and was not keen on getting any kind of fame, to her it makes people think too much of themselves,she simply disliked it.

One day she and her friend Lacy went to an island nearby, they met a family who earned their living by painting,Vanessa had never seen such beautiful painting, she sat next to the painter in the family and asked if she could learn how to paint,the man was delighted and taught her a few techniques.

Vanessa came home and asked her mother to buy her a few things so she could start painting,noticing her interest her mom bought more than the daughter asked for,Vanessa applied the techniques she was taught by the man,at first they were very ordinary painting,no one in her family paid any attention and her friends made fun of her.

Vanessa was disappointed,she went back to the painter,she asked him to teach her to paint like him,her enthusiasm impressed the man, he invited her to take some lessons from him, Vanessa spent hours painting and discarding the ones she didn’t like, one evening she showed her painting to the man to know if she was doing okay, the man couldn’t believe in such a short time she could turn out such a masterpiece, he exclaimed,“Vanessa,this is truly a feather in your cap.”

Writing Prompt: Bone of Contention

My friend I had a lot of heated argument about why I should leave the place I’m residing at present. There are always pros and cons about the decisions we make. We made the decision to settle in a place which is a smaller community because, we can get everything we want,also we don’t have to get stuck in traffic jams. To us it’s an ideal place.

My friend however sees it differently,she thinks it’s an island it takes longer to go places and we are too far away from our friends. What she says is true,but when we look at our situation we feel there are certain places we need to be close to,such as the hospital and doctors, my husband needed these facilities and we were in favor of these privileges more so than traveling or be close to friends.

Although my friend did not agree one hundred percent, she knew at heart our decision made sense. 

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DP Daily Prompt: We Built This City

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I love my city because it’s not huge. Going from one place to another does not take long. We seldom have traffic jams, only in the morning traffic is slow but not terrible and also in the afternoon when people are returning home from work. The super markets and the malls and shopping centers are a short distance from my house.

The schools and our only university is well equipped with books,journals and magazines we need for our daily work.

Our people are very friendly,they are always ready to help, should anyone need assistance.

Our transportation system is awesome,we have public buses and taxis  to take us anywhere if we don’t have our own car. The fare is reasonable.

We have a variety of restaurants, if we need it for a special day,like birthdays,anniversaries etc.,

The one thing that becomes a problem is when we want to fly out to different destinations,there are only a few airlines, it costs more to get out of the island and also takes longer to get anywhere because of the connecting flights.

The weather is a problem too. Sometimes our flight gets cancelled on a perfectly sunny day because of  fog.

If I were a mayor, I’d see to it the condition of the roads are better. There are too many potholes and drivers get their car tires punctured if they are not aware of the potholes.

More parks are necessary for children and their parents to visit. The existing parks should be in good shape,to keep the children safe from accidents.

Some of the public buildings need a face lift for the safety of citizens.

All in all my city is a very affordable and safe place to live in.

There are always some drawbacks everywhere we live, there isn’t a perfect place anywhere I think, it’s nice to accept the way things are in any place and do our best to adapt.


DP Daily Prompt: Captive’s Choice

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If I was kidnapped which one of the choices would I prefer; Would I be stranded on an island, dropped into an unknown forest or locked into a strange building.

Of the three choices I’d prefer to be stranded on an island. To me the other two choices will make me claustrophobic.

I have some experience living on an island. It is open .It is surrounded by water. There is no pollution. I won’t feel trapped. Breathing fresh open air,watching clean flowing water, the sandy shores and unknown vegetation will free me from difficult situations and unpleasant  experiences in  a closed trapped building or a forest filled with trees, where at any moment some crazy nut will scare the daylights out of me.

On an island there’ll be more things to do. I can easily find foods like assorted berries and when I’m bored with berry picking, I’d try to catch a fish or two.

I think an island is my choice.


DP Daily Prompt: Five Items Ranu’s post https://sabethville.wordpress.com

Nahuatl: Michin.

Nahuatl: Michin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Just a normal first aid bag

English: Just a normal first aid bag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_1...

English: Re_entrant_prayer_rug_Anatolia_late_15th_early_16th_century_reverse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Five items I must have on a deserted island are: food, a warm blanket, first aid kit, flint and steel,a prayer rug and the holy book.

I know water is most important to survive,but if I am on a deserted island,I am assuming there is plenty of water around,I won’t have to worry about water.

Food is necessary,it will not be convenient to carry it with me. I am thinking of catching fish for food.

Shelter is important,I did not list it, I may not find one handy on the island.Next best thing will be a warm blanket when I sleep to keep me warm and cozy.

First aid kit will help in emergency.

Flint and steel is a must for lighting a fire to cook fish I am hoping to catch.

I will need a prayer rug for my daily prayer and the holy book will keep me safe.

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted isl...

English: Cove on Ensay. An almost deserted island on the west of the Sound of Harris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

D.P. Daily Prompt: Five A Day posted by Ranu

Uncooked, polished, white long-grain rice grains

Uncooked, polished, white long-grain rice grains (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am exiled to a private island,I am allowed five foods daily.Food is not what  comes to my mind. I am thinking why am I here in this island and for how long? Of course food is one of the most important thing a human being will think about just to survive.


These captors seems to me are very considerate.They are actually giving me a choice of five foods I can pick for my daily consumption. There is something odd about this whole thing. Anyway while I am thinking what can I pick,one of the captors  a big burly fellow who seems to have little or no patience ,gives me an evil look.While all the others have made their choice,I am the only one still trying to make up my mind. He takes his whip and hits me and says: “woman you have taken enough time, tell me at once what you want or you’ll get nothing to eat”.  This scares me a little,suddenly I have a mental block,I cannot think of anything.I get a second warning,’you have five minutes to decide’ I get anxious and spit out five foods ever so quickly,’I want tea,okra,egg plant, guava and rice’. The man gets impatient,’are you sure this is what you want’? I say,”yes, besides you only gave me five minutes and my brain is in knots.I cannot think .” After making my choice known I began to feel terrible.I wish I could think of more appealing foods than the ones I listed. It was time for breakfast,I noticed the others were having mouth-watering food and I was served tea and guava.I do like guava, but not for breakfast. The evil man came around to watch us eat,he noticed I was sitting quietly.Immediately he bawled and said,’ Why aren’t you eating, you got what you wanted,I’ll give you two minutes to finish your food? I felt like crying, I knew it was not going to make a dent in his system. I did what I had to do,drank my tea and ate the guava which was hard and green and totally bland.


I didn’t look forward for lunch,my choice was either okra ,rice or egg plant,out of the three rice was fine but out of egg plant and okra ,my fear was how are they going to cook it,do they know how to cook these vegetables. I didn’t have to wait too long,my lunch was rice and okra.The cook never saw okra before,he had no idea how to cook it.He took the easy way out,he boiled the okra. I was served sticky boiled okra with rice. Okra is a vegetable which is prepared with special care,it requires spices,oil  onion and salt,if you want to eat it with rice.This was beginning to be a nightmare for me.To avoid being bawled at or whipped by the giant,I slowly started swallowing the food.This was worse than medicine.


I knew what was left for me to eat for supper.I sat on the floor of the room and began to visualize what I want for supper.I would like some beef biriyani, a cucumber salad and for dessert a slice of cheesecake and water.I felt sleepy and went to sleep on the floor.I dreamt I was in a large dining hall,there were all kinds of food for us to eat.The waiter to my dismay brought me a large purple eggplant on a plate and handed it to me. I immediately screamed and told him to take it away,’I am not going to eat this useless thing’,I said.Suddenly I heard a thundering voice,’Yes you are,this is your choice.’ I slowly opened my eyes and saw him standing on top of me and pointing at the egg plant he said,’now eat’. This time I could not control my tears, I said ,’Oh God please don’t punish me,I’ll try to be a good person’. The whole five a day seemed to be a test for me.


Guava fruit on white background

Guava fruit on white background (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Eggplant (Photo credit: AsianLifestyleDesign)



Bucket of raw Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) pods

Bucket of raw Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) pods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)