Daily Prompt: Dear Leader

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If your government ( local or national)  accomplishes one thing this year, what would you like that to be?

Unemployment is beginning to be a huge problem in our province. Too many people are losing their jobs, these same people have families to feed, mortgage to pay and various other things.

If these people are losing their jobs because of redundancy, then they should be encouraged to focus on some skills that are useful to get a job. The government needs to train these people in specific fields to enable them to get jobs. Right now I think this is very important.


DP Daily Prompt: Back on the Chain Gang

There are jobs that we are paid for,which is exciting ,every two weeks we get a cheque telling us thanks you have done well. I like this and am motivated to do better hoping I’d get a raise.

Then there are tasks we have to do to get that shiny certificate,it tells the world we are ready and willing to work hard.

Next in line is chores, this is a thankless one,we do not get paid,we do not get a certificate. Why do we do it because our place of abode looks horrendous. We work day after day cleaning the same mess which magically comes back unannounced and uninvited. Who tells us to do it,our conscience,it doesn’t stop reminding us about the dust on the table,on the chair and on everything we own. So we slave away day after day dusting,vacuuming,mopping you name it all these ings gang up against us.

We are not paid to do this chore,no one says thank you, but they are quick to point out the dust and tell us we are not good house keepers so we do not deserve the house.