My Daily Journal

I’m trying to start writing. I could not think of anything, I’m therefore taking the help of a regular journal, to keep me from getting bored.

This evening I’ll take myself back years ago. I was in Lady Irwin Higher Secondary School, New Delhi. I was a primary student. We were waiting for Mrs. Biswas to give us some work that morning. To my utter delight she gave each one of us a picture of a person. We were asked to make up a story. The picture I had was of a lady. She was dressed in a sari.

Since we were learning Bengali, we were encouraged to write in this language to improve our written work.

I started writing in Bengali. I said, this lady’s name is Roma. She is wearing a sari. Sari is usually worn by Bengali women. Roma is a very pretty girl. I like the colour of her sari. It takes six yards of material to make a sari. The border of her sari is red and the rest of the sari is blue.

Roma has to be careful when she walks. If she’s careless she may fall and faint. I wrote this because my older sister wore a sari to school one day, she could not deal with the six yard sari she really fell and fainted. Her headmistress said, ‘Firdaus tell your mom to let you wear the dress until you get used to a sari.’

I thought I’d add that little anecdote to make my story interesting.

I started feeling tired, because Bengali alphabets are tricky to write.

This is what I wrote that day.
You are welcome to give your opinion about my story, remember I was six years old. Compared to millennium little girls who learn from television, our vocabulary was not a whole lot. Television was not invented in those days. We could listen to a radio. But our Dad said, ‘no the children will not study if they have the privilege of listening to a radio.

………………………………………. 🙂