Khurram Ali Shafique: Person of the year contd. posted by Ranu

As promised I am writing a biography of Khurram Ali Shafique:

He was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His father was a lawyer and his mother is a retired Mathematician.

He studied in various schools in Karachi,he also feels fortunate for the opportunity to study in Lawrence College Murree, it is one of the best schools in Pakistan. The experience in this school had a very positive effect on him.

At the age of nine, he got interested in Allama Iqbal, who was a very famous Poet and  Philosopher. He is not quite sure how he got interested in Iqbal, perhaps it was Iqbal’s poems caught his attention.

On his tenth birthday his parents gave him  a collection of Iqbal’s poetry. He was very pleased with  this gift, he spent a lot of time reading the poems, and before he was fourteen he could recite most of these poems from memory.

His father who was very fond of Iqbal’s writing, introduced him to Iqbal’s poetry. His father never forced him  to learn about Iqbal.

The adults who inspired him were his parents and some uncles. Some of the subjects he was interested in were, History and English, Urdu and Persian Literature , from a young age he was influenced by his father and seemed to like the same subjects as his father. His mother being a Mathematician helped him with Math. His favorite in math. was geometry, he was delighted to solve the theorems in Geometry before they were taught in school.

After he completed his master’s degree, he tried to get enrolled for M.Phil or PhD.the university told him clearly that original research is not acceptable and one must follow some framework which was already approved among the academics.

He is also an author and has written biographies of some famous people ,Allama Iqbal is one of them. He has also written textbooks for schools and  a number of books both in Urdu and English.

He has just completed a biography of Waheed Murad, who was an actor , producer and director.

Of all the books he has written and published , his favorite book is ,Iqbal: His life and our Times.

He has  developed the Marghdeen Learning Center for Iqbal Studies, to promote the ideas of Iqbal within the existing systems of education.

His ambition is to spread the message of Iqbal  widely. He feels The poet and Philosopher is appreciated but not understood by the people.

What he wants to do is challenging , he wants to find connections between cultures , ideas and personalities.

I accidentally knew about Khurram Shafique when I was looking for Iqbal’s poetry. Mr. Shafique had already started an online course on Iqbal in 2011.

I was interested to join the course and he helped me to register. I have taken all the courses he has offered so far, and intend to continue.





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365 Writing Prompts: Person of the Year

You’re asked to nominate someone for Time’s Person of the Year.Who would it be, and Why?

When I think of all the good things that has happened this year in our online course, I’d gladly nominate our facilitator,Mr. Khurram Ali Shafique.

He is a good teacher. He is humble and he knows his subject well. He offers online courses on,  “Iqbal” who is  a highly acclaimed Muslim Philosophical  thinker of Modern times.

I have learned a lot from him and I thank him for giving me the opportunity of learning about the great Philosopher.

……………………………….. 🙂

Writing 101,Day thirteen: Serially Found

Today’s prompt: Write about finding something. Interpret this theme of “finding something” however you see fit.

Today’s twist: If you wrote the day four’s post as the first in a series,use this one as the second installment– loosely defined.

My day four post serially lost was all about my ambition to study M.Ed, it didn’t happen, I had too many other things that got in the way. None of them were unsatisfactory, they changed my course of action.

Then I read a comment by “a writer’s Helper” which said: “Life has a way of popping up to set us back from what we thought were our goals. I’m interested to see where your story leads to.”

I’m delighted to let the blogger know I am doing an online course which is giving me satisfaction and joy.

The prompt, “Serially Found” is perfect for me to write what I finally found after losing the opportunity to study M.Ed.

I found a course which has taken me back to continue my studies. It’s an online course offered by Khurram Ali Shafique. It’s a study of Poet and Philosopher, Allama Iqbal.

I started this course in November 2011 and am still  continuing, what I am learning from it is different from what I would have learned had I completed M.Ed as I planned.

The course is one that opens the door for many possibilities. I’ve learned about some of the religions,e.g Buddhism, Christianity and Zoroastrianism, their point of view about pain,sorrow, sin and struggle.

We dealt with the question, whether human being is essentially good and peaceful.

This is what Iqbal says: “If man can realize his sense of respect for his own individuality and can move fearlessly on earth, he will then respect the individuality of others and will become perfectly virtuous.”

I am thrilled I am not letting my brain become  idle.