Daily Prompt : Loyal

In response to daily prompt : Loyal

Sometimes people are loyal to an individual for the wrong reason. Especially if this person is not dependable.

By being a staunch supporter of an individual comes at a high cost.

I learned a lot from teaching little kids,   that they do not blindly follow someone, they   are selective, the moment they suspect someone they like is making them lie, they will speak out, regardless of the fact, this is their favorite person, they are not afraid to ditch  this kind of person.

Kids can tell who is honest and who is not. I think we can learn a lot from some nine-year old kids. Honestly!

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Daily Prompt: Born to Be With You

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Got a soul-mate and /or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail__leave no important quality out.

I have a best friend in fact I have two, one I met in College the other in the University. The one I met in College is Evie, she is a very thoughtful and kind person. In college She was one of my dormitory mates. She is sweet and caring, she calls me frequently, tells me not to call her, I guess she does not want me to spend money in long distance charges.

I told her it doesn’t cost me too much, but she insists she’d make the call. This shows how good natured she is. She came to Canada before me and wrote to me, at that time I had no idea I’d come to Canada too. We have kept up our friendship.

My other best friend Is Mini, I met her in the university, she and I both studied History. Mini used to send her car to pick me up when I was Dhaka, Bangladesh. There was a time I needed transportation to visit some places she sent her chauffeur every day to pick me up and go where I needed to get some of my work done. She is a very nice person who is always ready to help.

The above women are my best friends, they’d do anything for me if I needed.


DP Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love Post by Ranu

Unusual or unconventional Love. This is something I did not think about. I began to think who can it be to whom this title would fit in my mind. The name of my younger brother comes to my mind. He was one of those people who did not demand anything. I loved him dearly much more than any of my other siblings. Maybe he was very kind,always around me if I needed something, and my other siblings wouldn’t care to listen. He was a very intelligent person,he was not arrogant or a show- off.

He was  younger  than most of us ,yet he was always trying to help each one of us. I loved him unconditionally.It is not easy to have a brother like him.I was fortunate he was our brother. He passed away a while ago,I still feel very sad, I could not have him for a longer period.