Daily Prompt: Sympathy

In response to prompt : Sympathy

I always think of the days when my father passed away, how people came to our house to take away things without asking us. They didn’t show any compassion for how we are dealing with the loss. This is one side of human nature.

When we landed at Dhaka airport, my mother’s cousins who came in droves when my father was alive, after his passing the scenario changed completely. The cousins did not come to offer their Sympathy or support, we were considered  a burden, therefore we were treated like strangers. Of all the cousins my mom had, only one showed up. He genuinely felt sorry for us.

This is the fact of life, we found out soon enough  we were on our own and must not expect anything from our relatives.

Among all the people we knew, I felt the only one who was caring was our milkmaid who delivered milk daily. According to our custom when a woman’s husband dies, she takes off all her jewelry, wears white saris and leads a very simple life.

One day the milkmaid noticed my mom had taken off her jewelry including the bangles on her wrist. This is what she said,  ‘Begum Sahib, please wear the bangles, you’ll serve food to your children, if you do not wear them, it will shorten the lives of your children.’

Mom did not know, with tears in her eyes, she took out the bangles and wore them. I know others would think it’s a superstition. But I was overwhelmed with emotion, the very fact the milkmaid was thinking about us, made me feel, at least there is someone who loves us!

…………………………………. 🙂



365 Writing Prompts: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else–loved one or complete stranger.

My friend Asha was interested to learn how to make our famous dessert of Bangladesh. It is called in Bengali, “Rasho Golla”, the English translation is Cheese balls in Syrup.

She lived close to my house, she told me before she cannot figure out recipes, if I’d be willing to go to her house and show her exactly how it’s made.

I asked her to get the ingredients I needed, she bought them and called me. I went to her house showed her how to make them from beginning to end.She was pleased. Her husband came into the kitchen with “Dopey Eyes”, looked at the dessert and said to me , ” you have used so much sugar to make this?”

Well my kindness was unrewarded!


365 Writing Prompts: The little things

The title reminds of a poem about “Little things pasted on my dresser”

This is how it begins:

A little more kindness,

A little less creed,

A little more giving,

A little less greed,

A little more smile,

A little less kicking,

A man when he’s down.

A little more  “We”,

A little less “I”,

A little more laugh,

A little less cry,

A little more flowers

on the pathway of life,

And fewer on graves,

At the end of the strife.


I agree with the poet!…………………………:)


365 Writing Prompts: Love to love yourself

What do you love most about yourself ? What do you love most about your favorite person? Are the two connected?

I love everything about myself, I am not selfish, I love children, I love good friends.

I never wanted to be anyone else but me, I am proud of my parents,my mom taught me how to deal with people, she was extremely religious, she pointed out if  I was doing anything wrong. I learned a lot from my mother.

I try to help my friends and family whenever the situation demands.

My favorite person is a very kind, extremely nice individual, we agree with each other, ‘that kindness is never wasted.’

: https://sabethville.wordpress.com/2014/11/16/365-writing-pr…-love-yourself/


365 days Writing Prompt: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else—loved one or complete stranger.

It was a few years ago I met a student,she seemed nice ,she was always homesick.Occasionally I’d invite her for supper. we got to know her, she was pleasant, and always called us whenever she was free. We developed a strong bond of friendship or so I thought.

She went back to Dhaka without completing her degree, her parents convinced her to come back and complete her degree. I volunteered to let her stay with us, I didn’t want her to rent a place, I had enough room for her in my home. Her plan before she left home was to complete her degree in three months and return home. I didn’t mind having her for those few months.

I noticed she was not really studying and when she’d complete her degree was up in the air. She had regular conversation with her mother who thought her kid was busy studying, she showed an interest to move out and rent a place of her own, I had no problem with her decision. My kindness perhaps was too overwhelming for her.

She rented a place and moved out, I haven’t heard from her since. 

I try to show kindness but it never works, somehow it ends up making me sad. I brought my sister,it didn’t work out, my husband’s nephew same thing happened, you’d think I’d learn my lesson but I put the past behind each time and welcome the present with open arms. If  I’d think of the phrase,”Once bitten twice shy”,   Perhaps I’d stop my kindness for good!


Letter K

Kalamata,Kebab, and Kale 

Are types of food I know

Kalamata is an olive

You put in your salad

Kale is a type of cabbage


Kebabs are tasty meats

Cooked on a grill

You can use 

Beef ,chicken ,lamb 

Or any meat you have!


Kaleidoscope is a tube 

Containing mirrors

And pieces of  colored glass

When you rotate it

It quickly changes patterns!


Kick is something you must not do

It will come back much harder

You should always be careful 

I thought I need to warn you

Kick is something you must not do!


Kindness you must show 

To everyone you know

Be it friends or strangers

Treat them all alike

It is a good deed to follow all your life!








DP Daily Prompt: Random Act of kindness

Random Act of kindness : there were a few I was able to do,but they were not a secret,for instance I donated some money to an orphanage in my hometown. It was not a secret, the administrator gave receipts for it. Maybe the children didn’t know,but when someone knows it, in my mind it’s not a secret.

I put some gifts under the Christmas tree in the mall. This can be called a secret. I am not aware how it was received. I felt good, to me it counts.

We are supposed to give ‘zakat’ every year.  I try to give money. Sometimes it’s not possible.

Random Thoughts of Kindness Barnstar

Random Thoughts of Kindness Barnstar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)