Daily Prompt : Fragrance

In response to daily prompt : Fragrance

When I think of fragrance, aroma, or a pleasant smell,  I think of my mom’s chicken in yogurt sauce , instantly it awakens my appetite, I cannot  wait to taste it.

Chicken by itself has no pleasing qualities, whether I look at it or smell its flesh, it turns me off. I turn around  to see something more pleasing to my eyes than a body of a chicken. It is so strange when this same animal when it’s smeared with the spices in my mother’s cupboard, cooked by my mom, I forget an hour ago, I disliked it  and now am eager to eat it.

The spices my mother uses are, ginger, garlic, cumin, coriander, cloves, nutmeg, cardamoms green and brown, cayenne, cinnamon stick and the bay leaf,mixed together with fried onions, clarified butter and yogurt, they give  the most heavenly aroma.  These are the ingredients my mom uses to cook the chicken.

This is the   recipe to cook  chicken in yogurt sauce. It’s flavor is unbelievable and it is very tasty!

…………………………………………. 🙂

365 Writing Prompts: Drawing a blank

When was the last time you walked away from a discussion, only to think of a Perfect Come back hours later? Recreate the scene for us, and use your winning line.

I remember once my friend Mini and my classmate Hasina were discussing different ways chicken can be cooked. That day we invited our Provost to dinner, Mini volunteered to cook, we let her I didn’t want to cook, I was not sure how good my cooking skill was,I only cooked simple things when I was seven, I was fascinated by my mother’s cooking, I used to imitate   my mother’s famous pound cake, it was miniature cake I only ever tried,my mother praised me every time I  tried to cook anything. I probably was too confident about my skills.

When Mini said she’d cook korma I was thrilled it happened to be my favorite dish. I watched the spices she was adding in the pot to fry before she added the chicken. When she put whole red peppers with the rest of the spices, I objected, “My mother does not use peppers in this recipe”, I said.

Both looked up and started laughing,”this is the only way korma is cooked, you don’t know anything”, I was offended with this remark, I stomped out of the kitchen and went to the common room to read the  newspapers which was my way of cooling off.

All this time I was burning with anger, I told myself they didn’t have to be so mean. Then the thought maybe this recipe is used differently, my mother I knew did not use peppers, perhaps some people do to make it hot and spicy.

I went back to the kitchen to see what the girls were doing, Mini looked up and quipped, “so do you still think peppers are not used in this recipe?”

I was a bit annoyed at this remark, rather than have a shouting match with her, I calmed down,looked at  them and replied, ” There is more than one way of cooking this particular recipe with and without peppers, I like my mom’s recipe better”, I left the kitchen with the thought I’m glad I stood my ground!


Alphie and his family will rest today!

Caldera of Ranu Raraku volcano, Easter Island

Caldera of Ranu Raraku volcano, Easter Island (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nederlands: Repronegatief. Weg bij Ranu Pani, ...

Nederlands: Repronegatief. Weg bij Ranu Pani, Oost-Java (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bengali inscription of the Ranu Chhaya open st...

Bengali inscription of the Ranu Chhaya open stage inaugural function. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ranu came as usual to meet the family .They did not plan anything,Gepetto thought he would see if he remembers the words he learned from Ranu.She gave him a quiz. “All right ” she said, here is a test for you.”I will print the words for you , It is your turn to print them under the correct heading.The following are the words:  roti, naam,murghi, Jama Masjid, paani, khana, Nizamuddin Awliya, Qutub Minar, tumhara naam kia hai? mazaydaar,The categories are :”,Now put them under the proper heading ,you have 5 minutes.”

Name               Food               Building                drink                Saint          Tasty           Mosque

naam                Roti                   Qutub Minar      Paani              Nizamuddin mazaydaar  Jama masjid

What is your name?”How did I do?” Perfect ,Ranu said.”  “Gepetto deserves to get a prize for his perfect score,how about it Alphie,Susan, I am impressed ,Susan said.”  Gepetto did not want to lose this opportunity. He asked his parents,”Can It be my pick?”  ” Yes!” was the reply.   I want to see the Taj Mahal,I read it is one of the seven wonders of the world. Ranu immediately said;  “I was hoping you would say that!” ” Now Gepetto it is not in Delhi,we have to go to Agra,it is not that far from Delhi,we can go by train or bus or even by air.The family and the guide decided it would be best if they planned to go the next day,they will have plenty of time to get tickets,they found out by reading the comments of the visitors,it is an unbelievable building and worth visiting.They recommend one should see the monument and get back to Delhi the same day.

Gepetto suddenly changed the discussion to the variety of foods. ”  Hey , You must be hungry?”  “slightly,but I really want to know some of the names.”   “All right ,Ranu  replied;  there is biryani which I cooked for my daughter’s friends,it is like a casserole.It has meat,rice,potatoes,yogurt,tomatoes,onions,and a lot of spices.Then there is Korma,which is not too spicy.We Bengalees are rice eaters ,we always have rice in our menu.There are a lot of recipes for meat ,dishes,we eat a lot of fish,so there are different recipes for fish.Are you hungry enough?”

“I have one more thing to tell you about before lunch.Have you noticed my name in the pictures,my name is a very common name,this is why you see it in the pictures.”

The family went to Mcdonalds for a quick lunch.After lunch they made plans for the following day.It would be busy.

Aphie said, “Let us relax today,Gepetto go for a swim and be careful!”

Once again it was time to say,    ” Allah Hafiz”   (May  Allah Take Care Of Us All)

History of Qutub Minar in Brief

History of Qutub Minar in Brief (Photo credit: Wikipedia)