DP DAILY PROMPT: Reading material Post by Ranu

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I read blogs that my online friends write,I also read the blogs of bloggers I know. How I pick books is a totally different thing. I go for catchy titles. There was a time when I only read books that were recommended by my older siblings or teachers.

Lately my direction is changed slightly,I read books that have an interesting title. When I was teaching I saw a book on the shelf,the title caught my attention,it was “This Can’t Be Happening At Macdonald Hall”,naturally I had to find out what exactly was happening at Macdonald Hall. The author was a student of grade eight.He wrote this in school,it was a story they had to write for their language class. The teacher was so impressed,he told his student to send it to the publishers,Scholastic publishing company. He wrote a lot of books that were best sellers.

Moving on I noticed a book titled “Aleph” ,the author was Paulo Coelho. I bought the book and after that any book written by this author had to find a spot on my shelf. I read Hosseini’s books,I read the second one first,but then was told “Kite Runner” was his best seller. ┬áMy daughter bought it for me,I had to read it immediately.I was not disappointed.

There are other books I bought simply because I liked the title.

I don’t have a definite pattern how I choose my books,it can be the title,the blurb written by various publishers also makes me curious to read the book.